Simon Cowell makes surprise return to American Idol

We still haven’t gotten over Kelly Clarkson’s emotional performance on American Idol finale that we got yet another treat this week.

Simon Cowell, popularly known as the bad man made a surprise return to American Idol to offer contrition for the mean things he said to contestants while he was a judge on the show. From the time when he a judge, one of the most famous instances is of Tori Kelly.

Tori Kelly, the well-known artist could not go further into the competition when she could not get through the audition. Many contestants were rejected but Simon Cowell commented on her performance by saying that her voice is ‘annoying’. A Grammy nominee, she is now not only praised as a great performer but also as a powerful vocalist.

As they say, “all’s well when end’s well”, Simon too tried to end his journey on the show on a positive note. He joined his fellow co-hosts Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson on Thursday’s show and said,

“I just thought this would be a good [opportunity] on behalf of myself, Randy, Ryan — for Paula to apologize, over the years, for being so mean to the contestants”, on which Abdul immediately responded: “Guilty. Not!”

Cowell said he was thankful to fans for letting him and the other judges “into your homes. Feeling emotional, he added:

“Thank you to the contestants, to Fox for actually putting us on air, to you guys for actually being my best friends now, and I am going to miss you”.

The show ended on an emotional note. The judges hugged and kissed each other amidst applause from the audience before leaving the stage.

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