Rihanna Cast In Iconic Role In Final Season Of “Bates Motel”

In possibly one of the most surprising reveals at this years San Diego Comic Con, singer Rihanna has been announced as portraying the iconic Marion Crane in the fifth and final season of TVs Bates Motel, the hit show based on the 1960 classic film by Alfred Hitchcock Psycho.

Marion Crane, originally played by Vivian Leigh, was the subject, and the victim, of one of the most iconic film sequences of all time; her death at the hands of an unseen, silhouetted figure, who stabs her in the show over and over again while Psycho‘s equally famous and equally iconic screeching soundtrack wails in the background…you probably know the scene we’re talking about.

The TV series acts as a prequel to the movie, outlining the events that lead up to the film, and Normal Bates descent in to madness. Marion Crane is the focal point for the first half of the movie, so it makes sense she would appear if there was to be any overlap in the time lines in some way.

Rihanna’s casting came as somewhat a surprise and was an unpredictable move on behalf of the shows producers, but with particular praise in the past for the shows cast, it could prove to be a genius decision. She may not be one of Hitchcock’s typical blonde, but Rihanna certainly has the right mix between delicacy, femininity and fire burning inside her that Hitchcock demanded from his leading ladies.

Rihanna revealed the news in a video message, which can be seen below.

Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga will return as Norman Bates and his Mother when the series returns for its final run next year.

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Written by CelebMix