Singer-Songwriter Hailee Steinfeld Debuts Empowering New Track “Most Girls”

Are you in desperate need for a little pick-me-up? Something special to make you dance around your room all day long? Something happy, an A-class pop bop, with a special message behind it? If you answered all of these questions with a “yes”, we might just have found the perfect song for you. And even if you didn’t, you will still enjoy it just as much. After all, Hailee Steinfeld decided to bless us with a new release.

The jolly new track we would like to tell you more about is titled “Most Girls” and comes from before-mentioned Academy Award nominated singer-songwriter. Much in the vein of her previous releases, “Most Girls” is a perfectly radio-friendly pop bop, rounded up with a catchy chorus and a little tropical house vibe to it. And, as you may know, we love nothing more than a good pop song, especially if said release arrives from Hailee whose musical track record is spotless so far.

But “Most Girls” is a bit different to her other songs. The new track is not just about any topic – it was written specifically to give girls all over the world self-confidence and to empower them. We hear Hailee singing about self-acceptance. For loving yourself even- or maybe especially- if others might judge you for your differences. No matter what you do or what you choose to wear: Those are your choices and you should feel free to do them. Without fearing any trouble. Without any sideways glances. And without any judgment by others. Because you are unique. You are you and you should be able to do what makes you the most comfortable. This is the core statement from this wonderful new track.

The chorus in particular really underlines the powerful message Hailee tries to send. “Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful. Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable. (…) I wanna be like most girls.”

Well, Hailee, to be honest, we feel like you are like “most girls”. And we love you and your new track for it. Keep going, girl!

If you want to listen to the track for yourself, we included the link down below.

“Most Girls” was co-produced by Ryan Tedder & One Love and arrives as a supposed lead single off of Hailee Steinfeld’s debut studio album.

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Written by Heiko

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