Six of Sastiel’s (Sam Winchester and Castiel) Greatest Scenes

While it’s clear that Dean and Castiel share an awesome and profound bond, Castiel is also very close to another human: Sam Winchester. The two haven’t shared as many moments together as Destiel has, but that doesn’t mean their friendship isn’t worth celebrating.

So, in honor of Supernatural’s twelfth season, here are six of Sastiel’s greatest moments.


1. The moment they met (4×07)

How can we not include Sam and Castiel’s first scene together? It was more than a little awkward, but it’s great to see this moment and then look at the more recent ones. A lot has changed between them.


2. The moment Cas stopped extracting Gadreel’s Grace from Sam (9×11)


To track down Gadreel, Castiel needed to obtain his grace from Sam’s body. The procedure would’ve inevitably taken Sam’s life. Instead of following Sam’s orders and continuing, the angel stopped and told him “nothing is worth losing you”. It truly shows how much Cas cares for the younger Winchester brother.


3. The moment Sam saw Cas for the first time since getting his soul back (6×12)


Shortly after Sam got his soul back, he contacted Castiel. While the human avoided it, Cas did try to hug him. However, despite that, the angel was the one that told Sam everything he missed while he was trapped in Hell. When no one else was willing to give him the truth, Castiel didn’t hesitate to.


4. The moment Cas took control over Lucifer to stop him from killing Sam (11×14)


When Sam found out that Lucifer possessed Cas’s body, it was obvious he wasn’t a fan of the decision. The Winchester hadn’t exactly had great experiences with the devil. Lucifer then reached into Sam’s body and messed with his soul, which was way dangerous for him. Then, out of the blue, the angel came back into the picture. According to him, he couldn’t expel Lucifer because he was using all of his energy to save Sam.


5. The moment Cas took away Sam’s pain after he broke his wall

After Cas had broken the wall inside Sam’s head, he began to suffer the consequences of being stuck and tortured in Hell. Eventually, he landed himself inside a mental institution because he couldn’t sleep. His hallucinations of Lucifer were keeping him from getting any rest. After the angel had realized there was no wall left for him to rebuild, he transferred the pain from Sam to himself. While this saved the Winchester’s life, the procedure left Cas mentally unstable. To fix the mistake he’d made, he was willing to sacrifice his life to save Sam and make it right.


6. The moment Sam hugged Cas (9×11)


Shortly after Castiel stopped extracting Gadreel’s grace from Sam’s body, the Winchester began to see what the angel meant. Sam was so willing to die, but the angel convinced him that his life was more valuable than the grace. In gratitude, Sam brought Cas into a hug. This was the first time the two hugged without someone else involved as well, making the moment extra special.


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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.