Songs From Little Mix’s ‘Glory Days’ That Could be Singles

It has been one week since Little Mix dropped their long-awaited fourth album, Glory Days. Today we found out that it debuted at #1 in the U.K., making it the girls’ first ever number one album! We’ve done a complete review of Glory Days, but to summarize in a few words: we absolutely loved it. Now the question on everyone’s minds is “what are the next singles going to be?”

There have been some differing opinions among Mixers in terms of which songs from the album should become singles. Most appreciate every song on Glory Days, but it’s difficult to tell which ones will be suitable for radio play and attract a larger, broader audience for Little Mix, especially in America.

Even in this recent interview, it seems that the girls are still undecided about which songs to pick as singles. So, we’re going to take matters into our own hands and dive into some of the standout tracks on Glory Days and discuss why they would do well as singles.

First, let’s give a quick shout out to the first single from Glory Days, released a month ago: ‘Shout Out To My Ex’. We agree with the girls that it really was the perfect song to kick off the Glory Days era. Empowerment, confidence, and sass were all packed into one catchy tune, with hints of the maturity that also show up in the rest of Glory Days. You can read our full review of the track here.

Now without further ado, here are some of the tracks on Glory Days that could potentially slay the single game. We’ve also given each one a rating based on how likely we think it is to become a single.

1. Touch

Since we heard it the very first time, we’ve had a pretty strong feeling that ‘Touch’ will be the next single. It’s a very dance-y pop song that seems like it could appeal to a wider audience. It has already garnered quite a bit of attention among Little Mix fanbase, and most agree that it should be the next single. Produced by MNEK, this one definitely has the potential to make it big worldwide. Plus, we can imagine amazing choreography for the chorus, maybe something like the music video for ‘Move’!

Likeliness: 4.5/5

2. Oops (ft. Charlie Puth)

We have a hunch that this might be one of the next singles. It’s very Little Mix, with mid-tempo vibes similar to ‘Love Me Like You’ and it discusses the very relatable topic of falling for a friend.The group’s vocals blend well with Charlie Puth’s and we can totally see them performing it live together. Both artists promoting the song might also help Little Mix gain more success in America! Charlie Puth referred to ‘Oops’ as a “single coming out soon” in a recent interview. Nothing has been confirmed by Little Mix yet, but we think this one has a very good chance of becoming a single.

Likeliness: 4.5/5

3. No More Sad Songs

Along with ‘Oops’, this is one of the songs on Glory Days that just keeps growing on us. On your first listen, it may not hit you, but its uniqueness shines through the more you listen. Jade summed it up perfectly as “…the right balance. It’s a ballad, it’s cool, it’s a dance tune; it’s a bit of everything.” In the same interview when asked which tracks off Glory Days were their favourite, each girl included ‘No More Sad Songs’ in their answer. Could they be hinting at something? It is a unique yet very relatable track that has the potential to work as a single.

Likeliness: 3.5/5

4. Power

Mixers seem to be most divided on whether or not ‘Power’ should be a single. It is definitely a standout on the album for its assertiveness and strong female empowerment vibes. It’s verses and choruses sound like two completely different songs, but they transition well into each other. As Jesy said in an interview, it may be a bit too noisy to work on the radio, and people might not like the infamous “motorbike” part of the song. However, Little Mix could take a risk, surprise us all, and release it as a single. It definitely adheres to the car and road trip theme they have going on in the ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ music video and with their promotional strategy of the Glory Days Road Trip.

Likeliness: 2.5/5

5. Private Show

This one probably won’t happen, but it could be an unusual yet successful single. It’s jazzy swing hook is definitely catchy, and the lyrics showcase the kind of maturity we see more of on Glory Days. The great thing about ‘Private Show’ is that it’s the shortest track on Glory Days, under three minutes long. So, there’s a perfect opportunity to slide in a feature if it’s released as a single like Little Mix did with Sean Paul for ‘Hair’ earlier this year. Except for Missy Elliot and T-Boz, all of Little Mix’s collaborations have been with males. This song would be a perfect opportunity for a new female feature. Nicki Minaj, maybe? The music video possibilities are also quite vast with this track.

Likeliness: 2.5/5

These are just our thoughts, and we’d love to see if you agree or disagree with us. Like we said previously, so many songs off Glory Days could work well as singles, so there are plenty more to choose from as well!

So there you have it, why some of the standout tracks on Glory Days would make wonderful singles. We look forward to seeing which songs Little Mix will select as their singles in the coming months, and seeing if our predictions will come true!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.