Sounds Good Feels Good – Song by Song CelebMix + Fan Review

We’ve been waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer’s second album since… well, since the first one was released. Now the moment has finally arrived, and we’re offering our thoughts on every song from Money to Outer Space / Carry On (well, a week later). We also asked 5SOS fans to help us out, sending in what they thought about each song, good and bad.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope this conjoined CelebMix and fans’ review is what you’re hoping for.

Note: Your views might not exactly match up to the thoughts listed, but that’s because everyone interprets and favors music differently (which is awesome).




Everybody’s gonna go big tonight.

The song starts off with the boys speaking to each other… Some find that annoying, but honestly, it gives the song a bit of a different sound. @LuciaAlessandra loved it, saying that “when you hear them just casually talking, you can really see how they are. They go from joking around to being serious and experts at their job: rocking out for everyone to hear”. It’s always nice to start with something new, isn’t it? Plus, it’s the intro song, and usually those have such aspects to them.

Money carries the typical ‘5SOS’ sound – alternative and edgy. While it’s been criticized for being about money and drinking, this album is about the journey 5SOS has gone through. Being celebrities, they’re surrounded by these things. Parties, alcohol, and money are basically at their disposal. @5soselisa commented that “What I love about [Money] is that finally an artist can admit that [they’re] not perfect through lyrics”.

The song, overall, is very catchy. In the words of @voguingmgc, “Money is an amazing song to just jam out to”. It’s a lot like the ones you’ll find on the radio nowadays. It might not be the most meaningful song in the world, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a party song, and as one, it definitely pulls through. @liviaaaaaa sums it up perfectly: “The lyrics aren’t the most meaningful, but the chorus just makes you want to jump and belt it out.” It’s definitely a song to rock out to.


She’s Kinda Hot

Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane… My neighbor told me that I got bad brains, but I’m alright though.

This one’s been out for a while. First song off the album, it shows the direction 5SOS is moving in. Still fantastic and edgy, but also stronger and, well.. even edgier. 5SOS labeled the song as “an anthem for misfits” (@GiannaT5sos). According to a few fans, it has a huge My Chemical Romance feel to it.

We agree with @arianasmith__: “… the talent they have for the use of their instruments was really displayed in this song”. They do use their instruments fantastically, having a good rhythm on the guitar in the background, as well the drums. @Neverlukeback_ stated that the guitar solo “is so badass”. They also use a cool ‘ka-ching’ noise, as well as their own whistling. While it’s not technically much, it very much adds to the sound. @Haroldasfuckk commented about the little voices in the background: “It’s almost like they represent society and how society [tells us] what’s okay and what isn’t”.

She’s Kinda Hot brings us the now familiar line of “We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene”. @solivigantlrh described more in depth about it: “She’s Kinda Hot is the main backbone of The New Broken Scene, and it shows that this revolution is going to help us get through anything. It talks about people not believing in you, but The New Broken Scene believe in each other”. Took the words right out of our mouths. @KennaCloie_ believed the song meant that “even though you [might not be] pretty, popular, smart, perfect, you’ll be alright”.

The song is definitely a new sound for the guys. The best word that could be used to describe it is badass. Luke Hemmings, the lead singer, swears (which is new).

This anthem definitely holds something special. Some of the lyrics stick with you – “They say we’re losers, and we’re all right with that.”

There’s a reason why this song stuck on the radio so long… Just like most of 5SOS’s songs, it’s excessively catchy, and the lyrics go right together. But like @5sosissocute3 said, “this is the anthem/battle cry to the world with rebellion and power”.


Hey Everybody!

And what’s ironic to me, the ones that don’t ever leave think that they know.

This song was released as the second single off the album.

This song has been dubbed with having a great misheard lyric. A lot of people hear “Yeah we can all get some, yeah we can all get laid”, but it’s actually paid.

You might not realize it at first, but this song is very relatable. A lot of young adults will try and do anything to get a paycheck, sometimes doing things they don’t exactly enjoy. @dearcalumthood said that “lyrically, I feel this song is trying to say how we, as young people, try everything to get money, and you don’t have to live this way, if you don’t like your work, search for your ideal work, you must like what you do”. The song is all about overcoming difficulties, such as financial struggles. According to @haucklauren, it shouts out that “you can make it, you just can’t give up”.

All in all, majority of the fans believe this song is powerful to our generation. A few weren’t exactly screaming that this was their best song, but even @voguingmgc, who said it wasn’t their favorite song, stated “that doesn’t mean I don’t like it!”.


Permanent Vacation

Congratulations, your imitations are taking over the radio stations.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all wanted a permanent vacation at some point in our lives.

This song is absolutely a song to rock out to. In the words of @grace_m_k, “THIS SONG IS BOMB AF”. They use a few sets of triplet rhyming, which sometimes, can cause a song to sound generic or cheap. Instead, for this song, it just adds into it. One example of a triplet is that they used the words desperation, medication, and vacation throughout Luke’s solo.

It’s another song that listeners can relate back to. It also gives them power with lyrics like “we’re the voice of the new generation”. @musingmw loved that it’s all about being “against the idea is social conformity and enforces the idea that it’s okay to stand out”.

The drumming done for the song is absolutely wicked. Without it, this song wouldn’t be nearly as good. It brings some sick beats, making it an absolute jam.

There were a few comments made about the song being better live, particularly because Michael’s voice is considered to be better live. It’s not very often that a song is better live than it is on the CD, so that’s definitely something to praise. A lot of people also commented on the fan participation during this song at the shows, and it was considered a very favorable moment.

@rendezvouswift sums it all up pretty well: “Super catchy, super fun to sing. This song is all around perfect”.


Jet Black Heart

Everybody’s got their demons, even wide awake or dreaming.

This song came out before the album’s release, and simply blew us and everyone else away.

@xhalseyxmgc commented that the “use of metaphors and other literacy elements [spiced] up the lyrics”. The lyrics in this song are definitely on the darker side, and to convey the feelings behind it all, a huge amount of literacy elements are used. @lilia_rae said that “every lyric of Jet Black Heart is meaningful and emotional and raw”.

Michael’s talent is also beautifully showcased in this song. @voguingmgc mentioned that “Michael really shined in this song… He put his all into this song and the way he sings… makes the hairs on my neck stand up”. @5sosissocute3 said “the lyrics and how Michael sang [them] connected all the fans to him”.

On top of their lyrics and vocal talent, their instrument use is again phenomenal. @dearcalumthood commented that they “like how the drums match with the guitars, how the bass matches with the drums”.

Once again, the song hits fans at home, speaking about a situation plenty of people have dealt with before. @KennaCloie_ mentioned that the “first sentence just had me mesmerized… I feel like anyone can connect to this song in some way”.

Overall, Jet Black Heart is a much slower and darker song, and it really shows the other side to 5 Seconds of Summer. The lyrics are powerful, and you can practically feel the emotion dripping from each syllable that’s sung. Because of this, it’s a definite fan favorite.


Catch Fire

I can’t change the world, but maybe I’ll change your mind.

We so agree with @xhalseyxmgc: “The use of the ‘oh say can you see’ lyric in the way it was used was bloody genius”. Right away, the song starts off with taking the opener from the American National Anthem. This immediately makes it unique.

A lot of people believed this is one of their more pop tunes. @StKammy said it was a bit of a Coldplay sound, while @aliceftsun brought up One Direction. Because of this, a few people believed it could end up being a single. It does have a bit more of a pop sound, so we might find this song on the radio some day. We wouldn’t mind. @avis_aparecium mentioned that “the tune makes [them] sway and the tune is kinda relaxing”.

@LuciaAlessandra stated that “it captures [every one] of the [boy’s] vocals in the right way”. While that being said, the song was more focused on Luke and Calum. @dearcalumthood said “I wanted more voices from the other boys, but Luke [sounded] good and Calum too”.

Just like always, their instrument usage went right with the lyrics. @dearcalumthood said that “in this song, the drums [were] so powerful”. They added into the song, making it stronger.

The meaning of the song overall is lovely. @emmax_irwin commented on just that: “I like how it tells us that, although we might not be able to change the world, it’s the little things that count”. @musingmw mentioned that “it’s not like most of the junk on the radio about sex and drugs and game. It’s about love, real and true love”.

We particularly liked this one because of the different interpretations we got. Some songs are obvious in what they mean, but this one was a bit vaguer.

While we really like the punk side of 5SOS, their pop side is just as good. Catch Fire is definitely a jam, and it’ll be on our playlists for a while.


Safety Pin

We’ll safety pin, the pieces of our broken hearts together… Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better.

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. The lyrics in this song have been excessively talked about, as 5 Seconds of Summer’s “New Broken Scene” icon involves a heart safety pinned together.

The meaning is pretty easy to pick on, but @1love4life19 but summarized it well: “Let’s help each other [feel] whole”. That’s kind of what 5SOS is trying to do with their fans. @musingmw stated that “no other song can accurately describe how 5SOS has brought together so many fans so flawlessly”. Listeners connect with each other, and that connection can help to fix them. Without songs like this, that safety pin might not be available.

Ashton shined through this song, his solo definitely jumping out to people. @xhalseyxmgc wrote that “the fam barely hears him sing, so getting a solo of his voice is refreshing and it adds a special factor to this song”. This is incredibly true… Just like @popcornomnomnom sent us, “Ashton’s solo is [heart-eyes emoji]”.

@GiannaT5sos made a good point – “Instead of taking the most common route of simply talking about [heartbreak], it talks about two [heartbroken] people fixing each other”. 5SOS gives a positive look to heartbreak, not focusing on the sadness it brings, but on the fact that it can be healed.

Safety Pin‘s lyrics are definitely some of the best from the album. With that, we can’t get enough of this song. Not only can we all relate, it’s really sweet. If you safety pin two broken hearts together, you can heal both of them.


Waste the Night

I don’t wanna say goodbye to another night, and watch you walk away.

At first, we weren’t sure if this was 5SOS or not. The song sounds extremely different from their usual sound, but it’s nothing we don’t like. It was cool to hear something new. @solivigantlrh agreed: “The beginning of it honestly sounds so much different than anything 5SOS have ever done, and I love that part”.

The new techniques they use in this song are fresh, and what like a few people said, “on point”.

The lyrics also once again hold a meaningful thought. We really liked how @avis_aparecium worded it: “We are young but the world around us is growing and moving in a fast pace, a lot can happen in one night; would we rather spend it creating and re-creating bad memories when we are capable of making the people around us and ourselves happy in one… epic night”.

While there was a lot of praise given for this song, there were a few negative comments about it. @dearcalumthood mentioned that the song is “a little repetitive”, which is very agreeable. While that is there, if you look past it, the song is rather great-sounding.

The interlude was also deemed as debatable. A few people were obsessed over it, while a few people felt like it didn’t belong. We didn’t mind that it was there, though we’re just a bit bias.

While there are some shaky moments, overall, Waste the Night won’t be simply forgotten. The song shows that 5SOS is experimenting with a few new sounds, which we completely enjoyed listening to.



I want to feel your love like the weather… All over me, all over me.

As @haucklauren mentioned, “Vapor is one of the… love songs on the album and it’s a really good one”. The song is all about needing someone. It’s a definite fan favorite. @5sos_7_16_1996 commented that “it always brings a smile to [their] face”.

Their vocals are praised again. Michael sings the chorus, which gives @lliviaaaaaa “chills [every time]”. They also mentioned that “the words are mysterious and deep, and [the song] has a pop-punk-ethereal feel”. We highly agree with that description. The song has all of those elements, which makes it absolutely beautiful.

Repetition is once again present in this song, though majority of fans liked that it was there. @moriartysbrain commented that they’re “in love with the repeat words… Talk talk; want, want; stop, stop; shot, shot”. If you’re really not a fan of repetition, this song may not be your cup of tea.

Once again, 5SOS’s lyrics blew us away. @xhalseyxmgc gave a really good note: “A lyric that really got me thinking in this song was ‘you sound so sweet when you lie to me’. It made me think of how we as human beings are so [willing] to accept being lied to just to avoid [getting] hurt”. Not all of 5 Seconds of Summer’s songs make you stop and think, but this one does. What we liked was the overall meaning (which @emmax_irwin gave us), because it’s oh-so-relatable: “This song shows that it’s okay to rely on that one person and feel like you can’t live without them”.

Other than the slight repetition, we really enjoyed this song. We agree with @rendezvouswift: “Super mesmerizing, lyrically beautiful, instrument usage on point”.



How’d we drift so far away from where we left off yesterday?

Let’s get right into what it all means. @5sosissocute3 stated that “it’s such a cool, creative and unique way of describing being left [alone]”. Like a lot of 5SOS’s new songs, they use a unique and different way of describing a common issue. They don’t just directly go out and say it; they use literacy devices to explain how they feel. Must appreciated.

@xhalseyxmgc described the sound perfectly: “It’s a vent song; angry, angsty, bitter and overall a song to listen to when all your problems seem to consume you”. Unlike the positive songs they had before, 5SOS is now touching on the negative side of heartbreak. Because as we all know, positivity usually isn’t the first thing that comes out of having your heart ripped apart.

@xhalseyxmgc also mentioned that the “song shows us all those feelings neglected by the general pop industry. It talks about the loneliness that comes with deception”.

Calum was given a lot of praise for his part in the song. @lliviaaaaaa mentioned that Calum has “a unique voice, and the chorus played to his advantage”.

The rhythm was also something fans really enjoyed. @5sosissocute3 said that Castaway has “a rhythm and beat that makes me feel like I’m going over ocean waves”. @haucklauren commented that “Castaway has a more mysterious sound… Different sounds, instrument usage, and tones. I love how it moves from soft to loud to soft again”. It fits for what the song’s message is.

5 Seconds of Summer moved from fixing broken hearts into explaining how having one feels, and what thoughts come with it. We think it accurately describes the feelings a person can suffer with when a person leaves them, and 5SOS words it in a way we won’t forget.


The Girl Who Cried Wolf

The truth is spelled out in your eyes, why don’t you just reach out and make it clear to me?

We moved away from the anger that Castaway gave off, and moved into another feeling a broken heart brings – sadness. Loneliness. @lliviaaaaaa commented that “the lyrics are kind of ambiguous, as is the structure, but it works. The emotional ballad is vague so people can relate but specific enough that people feel like they’re being understood”. This is accurate. A situation isn’t directly given, and there really aren’t many lyrics to this one. A lot of the song is the same question repeated over and over: “Is anybody there at all?”

@haucklauren commented on the interpretation this song allows: “Everyone interprets these songs different, which is a sign of a good song”.

The violins 5SOS brought in fed into the meaning the song brings. @dearcalumthood stated that “the violins made this song perfect”. Violins aren’t necessarily a rock instrument, but 5SOS always tends to stray in their own direction.

We really agree with @aliceftsun: “This song in particular really tells a story and slows things down on the album since it uses the acoustic guitar”. It’s very different from 5SOS’s other material on the album.

This song seems to have become a “hidden gem”. While it’s not a fan favorite specifically, it is fantastic, and does hold a special place in a lot of people’s hearts (such as ours). This song really is bittersweet; heartbreaking emotional, but fantastically described.


Broken Home

Hey Mom, hey Dad, when did this end? Where did you lose your happiness?

To have you understand how important this song is, every single person, other than two, gave us their thoughts about this song. This was not the case for the other songs on this album.

@musingmw commented that “a song about depression and a dysfunctional family should not be as widely understood as it is in this day and age”. We completely agree, but sadly, that isn’t reality. @noodleboycal mentioned that “most of the fam can relate to this song on such a personal level”. This is because divorce rates are rather high nowadays. Currently, in America, about 50% of marriages end in divorce… That’s a lot of broken homes.

Sometimes children and teenagers have trouble putting their thoughts into words. From experience, this song really does put the feelings of a child in this situation into the open. We loved what @GiannaT5sos mentioned: “[Broken Home] tells the story that so many do not have the courage to tell”.

A lot of songs touch the topic of divorce and fighting parents, but not many jump right into the situation at hand. As @avis_aparecium said, “5SOS really [broke] a barrier and instead of singing ideas about broken families, they sang about broken families”.

Nearly every fan who responded explained that they either teared up, or actually cried. A few claimed the song left them an emotional wreck, while others were left with goosebumps. Overall, it took nearly everyone’s breath away, even if they couldn’t directly relate.

The lyrics really do tell a story so many people have lived. @lilia_rae said that “the boys really depicted the emotions of being caught in the middle of your parents and feeling like you’re being pulled in two directions, also wondering who really cares about you”. As @xhalseyxmgc mentioned, “it shows the sadness in watching the people close to you who were [supposed] to love each other eternally tear each other up”.

This song also brings victims of broken homes together. @Haroldasfuckk commented on just that: “Before this song, I don’t think I ever realized other people have broken homes too. It’s not just me”. A lot of times, children/teenagers can feel very alone when their parents are struggling with each other. This isn’t good; kids typically take divorce hard. It’s a big change. But with this song, people in the same situation can now connect, and that’s a really good thing. They can finally know that they’re not alone.

Broken Home can also be brought back to parents. We won’t mention the user out of respect for their privacy, but one person said “I showed this song to my mom. We never had a great relationship because of the divorce she had with my dad, but when I showed her this song she started bawling. She loves 5SOS now and we now have something to bond over”. A song is truly powerful when it’s capable of doing something like that.

The instruments tend to be overlooked due to the lyrics, but as always, 5SOS successfully uses their talent to showcase their song. Each strum of the guitar furthers the experience of the song, and the violins once again add to the meaning.

This song won’t, and shouldn’t, fade away. It’s going to continue to be relevant as long as divorce is still happening (we really wish true love could always last forever, but not every wish can come true). Out of all the songs on the album, this one is the most meaningful, in our eyes.


Fly Away

I’m dreaming of a place to start again.

After so many depressing songs, 5SOS raises your spirits. As @5sosissocute3 said: “Very nice track that will without a doubt bring good vibes all around”. This change is great, and works well in the journey the album takes you in.

The song is all about a particular dream many have – traveling the world. @musingmw commented that “everyone at one time or another has wanted to disappear or just leave everything behind. Fly Away is the epitome of this feeling”.

Fly Away is more on the edgier side, which a lot of fans enjoyed. @aliceftsun said “I think that this song really represents the punk side to 5SOS with plenty of electric guitar and heavy drums”.

While we don’t consider this song their greatest, it’s awesome to jam out to. Once again, it’s also highly relatable, which makes it even more awesome. We don’t have too much to say about this one, but we will be listening to it again. And again. And probably again.



Who am I? Who am I, when I don’t know myself?

Three words: Calum and violins.

Yes, the entire song is sung by him. @5sosissocute3 said “the way Calum sang the lyrics is what made it emotional”. We absolutely agree. Calum puts a lot of emotion and passion into his voice; it’s not something that went unnoticed. Anyways, he’s not the lead vocalist in the band (Luke is), so it’s an interesting setup. Not a bad one, but unexpected.

And yes, there’s an extensive use of violins in this song. @alejandra030393 commented that “the violins used were a great special touch to the song”. It’s very different compared to 5SOS’s past songs, but it works excellently with Calum’s voice. They even give the violins a solo at the end, adding in greatly to the song. @aliceftsun thought it brought a uniqueness to their sound, saying that “there is in fact a lot of strings – which may be associated with classical music – but 5SOS put them with guitars and drums to truly create a work of art”.

This is another one of 5SOS’s more meaningful and emotional songs, which plenty can connect to. @Neverlukeback_ commented that “Invisible is talking about a person who is invisible in the eyes of the people”.

Invisible also gives words to a feeling many can’t explain. Nowadays, a lot of teens and young adults suffer from sadness, loneliness, depression, and they lose touch with themselves. It’s hard to describe that loss, but this song does just that. We liked how @xhalseyxmgc described it: “Lyrically, the song shows us how it feels when you are looking for yourself. As this quest happens, when you ‘don’t know yourself’, you feel like you’re no one. You are just a person in your home, you start to wonder ‘is this all I will ever be?’ This song perfectly [describes] this feeling”.

Calum’s emotional, heart-wrenching vocals are something that’ll stay with us. The violins were also something truly remarkable, and it really made this song meaningful and special. Like a lot of fans, we think this is one of the best songs on the album.



Like angels can fly, we’ll never die.

Okay, so we’re kind of agreeing with @kjngmichael right now: “I WANNA FLY LIKE [AN] AIRPLANE NOW”.

We’re back to the upbeat music, after Calum successfully tore our hearts out. Michael does an excellent job in this particular song, once again proving his talent with his solo. @rendezvouswift reported that “Michael’s solo is explosive, electric and just makes me have chest pains (in a good way)”.

@haucklauren pointed out something very unique and cool about this song: “The way they go from high notes to low notes really go with the name of the song”.

We love the sound of this. Everything is so upbeat, and everything just seems to come together. We did agree with @popcornomnomnom though: “This song starts with [two] seconds at the start sounding like a kids song but then this mega rock beat drops in with full guitar”.

We received multiple interpretations on this song. @avis_aparecium said “the way I understood the song, Airplanes is a personification and I can picture myself on road trips full of smiles like I just achieved freedom from all of [the] pressure and problems in this world. It’s like an escape to reality and we all need that because… ‘make believe worlds makes us all feel alive'”. @ivettromero3 commented that “the lyrics were deep to me, how anything is able to be seen as beautiful to someone, maybe not everyone but there is always someone”.

To sum up what we think, we’ll use @haucklauren‘s words: “The instruments are used very well and this song is a really good song to listen to whenever”.


San Francisco

Without you, the smell of your perfume reminds me of when we were free, I swear that it’s still haunting me.

Yeah, we’re agreeing with @moriartysbrain: “Just as beautiful as the city they sing about”.

5SOS doesn’t speak about direct love that frequently on this album, but when they do, they do it in a way that’s absolutely different and distinctive. @musingmw stated that “it has a unique sound compared to the rest of the songs and has such a sweet message and story line.”

We loved the instrument use in this song. It’s slightly upbeat, though it has a hint of something else we can’t exactly name. Almost… haunting. @solivigantlrh mentioned that they “love the change of instrument”. @xhalseyxmgc commented that “the string instrument harmony in the background is astounding”.

This song also portrays a lot of emotion, which is always something to look for in a song. If the people involved aren’t that into what they’re singing, it takes away from the meaning behind the words.

There were girls singing in the background in this one, which is something different. We’re a bit mixed on that, and so were the fans that responded to us. @StKammy commented that “the female voices on verse two add so much feeling to the whole song”, but @aliceftsun said “I can’t decide if I like it or not”.

Compared to the other songs, the meaning behind it is more mellow. @emmax_irwin thought that “it shows how it’s normal to reminisce on the good old times”.

We also really liked the interlude. Going with what @dearcalumthood said, “I LOVED THE INTERLUDE, IT IS PERFECT, IT MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE”.

We’ll go with @njhsdirxction‘s words to end this: “San Francisco is such a jam, so catchy. Lyrics on point, vocals on point, instrumental usage on point, all [and] everything on point. Gotta love it and one of my top faves”.


Outer Space / Carry On

You know it’s gonna get better.

This is a combined song. Outer Space is basically part one, while Carry On is part two.

This song ends the album (unless you have the Target edition). It’s the longest song they’ve had, reaching over six minutes and a half. All in all, we think it was a great song to end with.

It reminded a lot of people of Green Day. @ItsSandraKG mentioned that “Green Day came to mind when I first heard this, since they would end many of their shows with the song Good Riddance, leaving the audience with a beautiful message to part with. And I think this song does the same thing for the album”.

This song is one of the calmest, mellow throughout both parts. We agree with @musingmw: “it creates a sense of calm, peace, and serenity within the listener”.

The break between the song feeds into that, the sound of rain being the only thing you can hear, until the guys cut back in.

@lliviaaaaaa commented that “this song really embodies the whole album and what it’s about”. It really does, doesn’t it? @emmax_irwin loves it because “it inspires so many people, especially people who are fighting with mental illnesses or going through a rough time, it shows that everything will be okay, everything will work out, you need to stay strong, it will be okay in the end”.

5SOS ends their entire album with a lyric that stands out: “You know it’s going to get better”. We thought that tied the album together quite nicely. This was perfect as an ending song, and we wouldn’t want it anywhere else on the track list.


The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place (Catch 22)

I’m twisted back up in the madness, repeating history.

If you were able to get your hands on the Target edition of the CD, you were gifted with two extra tracks. We didn’t receive enough responses to create a full-out review though, and since this is a CelebMix AND fan review, we didn’t want to just review it ourselves.

We will say that it is a fantastic song. It’s very catchy and upbeat, and it’s definitely stuck in our heads. “Youuuuuu, you’re catch 22!”


Story Of Another Us

Memories are pay-per-view, it costs too much to think of you.

See above. If you can get your hands on this track, you won’t be able to turn it off. There are just a lot of really good lyrics. “I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes” is a definite favorite of ours.



Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope this review worked out, and fits what you wanted to see.

Tell us your thoughts at @CelebMix. We always love to hear what you think, as you’re the ones we’re writing for.

Written by Jessica Brown

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