Stage School Has Kicked Off On E4

E4’s new original show, Stage School is finally here and it is hotting up already.

The show features a number of singers, dancers and actors who go to a performing arts school in London. It features the ups and downs of what goes on in the school and all of the drama that goes with it. Among the lineup are Union J member, Casey Johnson and his girlfriend Betsy-Blue English.

It is building up to be one of the most exciting shows on TV at the moment. Stage School seems like it is definitely going to become our new favourite show. It has a lot of familiar faces in it and features a wide range of artists. The show will easily draw you in as you will want to follow the journey of everyone and see how it all unfolds.

Stage School is going to be on every weekday from Monday – Friday at 7:30. Make sure you tune in so you can follow all of the drama that happens inside. You don’t want to miss anything from your favourites’ journey through the school!

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Written by CelebMix