Leah McFall Teams Up With CFC Music For New Single “Once And For All”

What an incredible track this is! Leah McFall has teamed up with CFC Music for this awesome song, “Once And For All”. The single release is accompanied by a live performance video that has been posted on the CFC Music YouTube Channel. This follows up CFC Music’s 2018 debut album, titled Faith To Favour, which featured artists Mark Sewell, Aaron Boyd, Ryan Griffith, Louise Hobson, Johanna Ferguson, and Lisa Kernoghan. It also follows up Leah McFall’s previous single “Freckles“.

CFC Music is the worship community for the Christian Fellowship Church. Each and every song that they release has been created in their local church community to inspire, encourage, and empower the people. The songs then go out to bring music to the world, uplifting every single listener.

Leah McFall is best known for being on The Voice UK season two under will.i.am’s team, where she became the runner-up, after Andrea Begley. She had amazing success on the show, with her performances ranking highly on the UK charts. After the show, she released her debut single “Home” which featured will.i.am and had planned to release a debut album, but it got cancelled. Since then, she’s been releasing music independently which saw her drop singles “Wolf Den” and “Happy Human” as well as a unique version of the Christmas song “Silent Night“, leading up to her Ink EP. She then, independently, launched her INK Tour around the UK, where her shows in Manchester and Birmingham were sold out. She also appeared in an episode of Stage School being a guest mentor in a one-off class. Recently, she has dropped new music in the likes of “Somber”, “White X”, “Marriage”, and “Freckles”. We expect that her second EP is on its way, and we managed to hear some new songs from her when we attended her White X Tour earlier this year, where she visited Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

The song has been written by Brandon Lake, Leah McFall, Nick Herbert, and Ryan Griffith. The video was recorded live at the CFC Belfast back in March 2019. This really showcases Leah McFall’s live vocals and her ability in writing songs with other co-writers, as this is really undeniably catchy.

Watch CFC Music & Leah McFall Perform Their Single “Once And For All” Here:

Impressing us from the get-go, Leah McFall’s vocals are on-point from start to finish. Rather than showcasing her full vocal abilities with her vocal riffs that we are used to, she decides to bring power and strength to her voice and it fully works with this number. Her voice blends well with the full backing band from CFC Music and it crescendoes into an awesome listening experience as well as a brilliant visual experience with the video above. They’ve also included the lyrics of the song at the bottom of the video, to allow us all to sing along, much like the many people attending the show, were.

As for the song’s lyrics, it’s an uplifting message of unity, strength, and joy, one that is spread with happiness and the love of God, which gives this song such spirit and radiance. It truly shines, all by itself, yet paired with the video and Leah McFall’s stage presence, it takes on a whole new level.

“Once And For All” is available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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