Star Wars: Guess the Cameo

Thirty years have passed since the defeat of the Galactic Empire and now, the galaxy encounters the threat of Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Yes that’s right, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has released and is breaking the box office!

But don’t prepare yourself for an article on the interesting flick directed by none other than J.J Abrams, prepare yourself for the reveal of the celebrity cameos in the movie!

Before you lose all composure and blow the top, I must inform you that there’s absolutely no way you would notice these cameos in the movie unless you were told exactly when and where to look. These cameos are not shocking new characters, they’re more like small, concealed surprises. With all that being said, I would suggest you stop reading NOW if you have not yet seen the movie, as this may contain spoilers.


Guess the Cameo. 1

Coincidence alert! Both the latest Bond movie and Star Wars, were filming at Pinewood, The Force Awakens in fact took up all the studios bar one. Rumours were heard the Craig was to do a cameo in the film but the Bond star quickly denied this, saying “Why would I ever bother doing something like that? F—ing hell! Pffft. Play an extra in another movie.”

But as it turned out, Daniel did appear in the movie, in a speaking role as a Stormtrooper! His line being, “I’ll tighten those restraints, scavenger scum,” – said after Rey is questioned by Kylo Ren on StarKiller Base. Rey attempts to persuade a Stormtrooper- Daniel Craig- to release her from her restraints.

If you have heard Craig speak before, you may be able to tell it’s him but you definitely cannot hear his very British accent.


Guess the Cameo. 3

Michael Giacchino! Giacchino was unable to participate in Episode VII fully, but was still part of the movie as a Stormtrooper credited as “Stormtrooper FN-3181.” If you’d like to know which Stormtrooper this is exactly, Giacchino plays the Stormtrooper who throws Poe Dameron down in front of Kylo Ren on StarKiller base.

Michael has made many cameos prior to this, but usually in the movies he has been musically involved in. He appeared in Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland and Abram’s Super 8. As well as this he gave an uncredited voice appearance as a reporter in animated feature, Ratatouille.


Guess the Cameo. 4

And finally, Nigel Goodrich, the ‘unofficial’ 6th member of Radiohead. The English producer, plays, yes you guessed it, a Stormtrooper. He is credited as Stormtrooper FN-9330 but unfortunately, we are left completely in the dark as to which Stormtrooper he plays.

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Written by CelebMix