Stop The Rumor Mill: What Big Ang Needs Right Now Is Prayers And Positivity

Sources earlier anonymously announced that super reality star Big Ang was dead following the fact that she is currently battling cancer. But, she is still alive!

A representative of Big Ang posted on her Twitter account that she is still indeed alive and “is still in the hospital surrounded by her loved ones, and is fighting”. You can check out the official tweet by clicking here!

Nonetheless, the rumor mill seems to have spread entirely too much and people still believe she has passed away. Well guys and gals, she has not! So let’s stop, and pray and send Big Ang all the positive thoughts possible her way.

Whether you do it on social media or not, anything will suffice!

While Angela Raiola may not be known to many outside the entertainment world, her shining presence is featured on the reality show Mob Wives (widely popular in the states and many countries) and her famous bar, The Drunken Money, which is considered a tourist landmark with visitors from all over the world!

What we love about Big Ang (and have always loved about her) is her bright spirit and personality. She’s driven, incredibly real, and knows when to step in when needed to. Check out the video below featuring one of our favorite quotes!

“I will never save a dollar. I don’t care. Because you know what, you die tomorrow. Listen to me, my mother was sitting here having dinner, the next minute she was on the floor dead from an aneurysm. So I’m gonna live day for day and buy whatever I want. And that’s my thing”.

And that right there folks, is Big Ang for you. Truly living day for day with an upbeat spirit.

We at CelebMix send all our prayers and positive thoughts to Big Ang. You can survive, you are strong, and you will get better.

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.