Teen Wolf: Memory Lost Episode Recap (6×01)

The season premiere of Teen Wolf starts with Liam and Hayden stranded on a lonely road after Liam’s SUV had broken down. It’s here when they notice the car driving up to them, and with the hopes that they may have a spare tire, they approach the car. As the car passes them and comes to a rest after bumping into a fence, they realise that not only does the car have no one in the front seats, but the passenger door is missing along with the majority of the windshield which had been cracked massively. It’s then that they find a little boy, who we later find out is called Alex, sat in the backseat telling them “Don’t let them take me too.”

The scene changes to Scott and Stiles talking to Sheriff Stilinski while a paramedic puts a cast onto Stiles’ arm. You find out that they have been taking the law into their own hands and were in fact trying to stop the driver of a van to pull over after he’d stolen something. Sheriff Stilinski shows the two that thing is Helium, and that he didn’t steal something incredibly valuable. After this scene, it goes to one of Scott and Stiles in Stiles’ jeep where they’re talking about the fact there isn’t currently a huge criminal problem and how this may be a good thing. Scott sees it as a good thing which means that Beacon Hills will be fine without them, however Stiles disagrees and believes the town needs them.

At the Sheriff Station, Alex says that he can’t remember what happened to his parents so they use a more supernatural approach to find out, Scott’s claws in the back of his neck. In the flashback, Alex, his mother and father are all riding in their car when they see a man riding horseback blocking the road. The rider gets off his horse and pulls out a pistol. This is when he pulls the trigger and a barely visible wave of energy shoots from his gun resulting in the broken windshield. The rider then pulls Alex’s father through the windshield, not long before he rips the passenger’s door off its hinges and pulls her out of the car too.

Leaving Alex’s mind, Scott explains what happened to the Sheriff, who believes it’s a non-supernatural crime, but Scott thinks otherwise.

The pack all investigate the car in the hopes of finding a clue about what’s going on. Lydia, who seems completely uninterested to be there and helping out, has been dragged along in the hopes that her Banshee abilities will help out, however, she tells Stiles that she isn’t sensing anything. A coyote is then seen entering the lot. This coyote then transforms into a human form, Malia.

Teen Wolf: Memory Lost Episode Recap (6x01) 1

Lydia says that she doesn’t believe that Alex’s parents are dead, however, Scott and Malia disagree, saying that if they were still alive, they would know it because of a scent. Lydia on the other hand believes that if they were dead, she’d be able to sense it.

After the women leave, Stiles goes back to the car and notices that there’s something not quite right about it. He notices that while every other car was cracked in a spider web pattern from a bullet, this car is different due to the fact there’s a huge hole.

The next day at school, Malia is trying to have her year book picture taken by Sydney but Stiles keeps interrupting and getting in the way of the pictures. After several attempts of a good photo, she gives up and goes to sit down with the rest of the pack. She confronts Stiles over the fact he hasn’t signed up for his yearbook pictures, only to be proved wrong when he takes out a blank appointment sheet. The conversation then moves on to how the address that Alex gave the authorities is actually an abandoned house that Stiles wants to investigate immediately, however, the others disagree. Scott says he’ll go after school with him instead but Stiles refuses, saying he’ll take Liam which he then takes back when he sees Liam making out with Hayden nearby.

Sydney approaches the group and asks if she can take a candid shot, Stiles protests but gets dragged into the photo anyway. While the pictures are being taken, Stiles hands Scott a piece of glass before asking why it’s been turned blue.

Teen Wolf: Memory Lost Episode Recap (6x01) 2

While at school, it’s also seen that there’s a new teacher who can be noted as quite attractive. While teaching the class, he is being watched closely by the females in the room and Corey. Both Mason and Liam are seen being quite jealous of the attention he’s getting from Hayden and Corey.

After the class break up into classes of four, Mason notices that his phone’s compass isn’t working and isn’t pointing to the true north anymore. Noticing that the teacher, Mr. Douglas, has a physical compass, he prompts Mason to go invisible who steals it. The compass is also pointing away from the true north just like Mason’s phone, so they decide to follow it and see where it leads.

During Scott, Stiles and Lydia’s class, the video they are watching sounds different to Lydia who rather than hearing crashing waves, can hear something sounding subtly like a rain storm with a women singing ‘Riders On The Storm’. The bell rings and everyone leaves, minus Lydia. Passing the TV, she hears the song again, much clearer than how it had been previously. All of a sudden, a lightning bolt strikes her and she is knocked to her feet. Next thing she knows, she is stood at her desk, unharmed but still being able to hear the thunder.

Scott and Stiles go and investigate the abandoned house. Walking around, they discover that all the rooms are empty except one, Alex’s. Stiles notices pictures in Alex’s room, all which seem to have people missing. One in particular is focused on, it’s a picture of Alex with a space next to him in a ‘#1 Dad’ frame. This is not long before Stiles hears a wind and the sheets of the bed move as if there was a breeze in the room. Stiles goes and kneels down next to the bed. Looking underneath it, he sees hooves and hears a horse, however, when he looks back up from above the bed, there’s nothing there.

Downstairs, Scott has just witnessed a place setting completely disappear in a second that he looked away. Turning around and walking, he bumps into Liam and Mason who explain that the broken compass brought them to the house. The compass’ needle is seen spinning wildly in Mason’s hand.

Leaving the room upstairs, Stiles stands in the hallway when he looks up to see a dark figure in a cowboy hat and a long coat. The figure is the same as one of the riders seen earlier in the episode. The rider starts to shoot at Stiles, making holes in the doorway behind him with the same burst of energy being seen from the gun as before. Scott rushes to Stiles’ side, but by the time he gets there, the holes are gone and Alex’s room is now as empty as the rest of the house. Stiles explains that Alex’s parents were made to disappear.

Stiles is later seen trying to figure out what’s going on while talking to Lydia. This is when she hears the song again. Repeating the lyrics back to Stiles, he recognises the song and tells her it’s ‘Riders On The Storm’. This is when Lydia puts it all together – she tells Stiles that they’re Ghost Riders and part of the Wild Hunt. She tells Stiles “they come by storm, riding horses, and they take people.” Stiles tells Lydia that he could kiss her, to which she replies telling him to not. He kisses her on the cheek anyway before running away.

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Meeting up with Scott, Stiles fills him in with what he’s found out. He says that they “run around collecting souls and once they take you, you’re gone.” Together the boys figure out who will be next, Alex. They took his parents and now they’re going to take him too.

Liam and Hayden, who are looking for a source of blood, can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from as it seems to be everywhere. Mason wonders if it’s coming through the ventilation system. Going there, they discover where they source of blood is coming from – there’s a dead man with his head caved in tucked inside the air conditioning unit.

Going back to the station, Scott and Stiles discover that Alex is gone without a trace. Asking Deputy Clark where he is, she doesn’t remember him at all. Handing Stiles the logs, he checks them and sees that in fact, no one had been logged into the holding cell that day where Alex had been previously. Scott guesses that the Ghost Riders will be coming for everyone on the road that night, and they rush back to the school to warn Liam and Hayden.

Back at the school, Stiles finds Liam and Hayden, who don’t seem to recognise him. Spotting his father, he rushes over to him with the hopes of being recognised by him, however, that isn’t the case. Sheriff Stilinski asks his son to tell him his name.

Running out of the school, Stiles bumps into Lydia who remembers him. By this time, the Ghost Riders are already at the school and coming for Stiles. Going to Stiles’ jeep, they take refuge there while he begs Lydia to remember him.

“Try to find some way to remember me. Okay? Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year? Sophomore year. Senior year. Or how you saved my life? (…) Just remember, remember I love you.”

Teen Wolf: Memory Lost Episode Recap (6x01) 3

The next day at school, Lydia looks confused and mentions that she feels like she was supposed to do something but she can’t remember what. Lydia too, has forgotten Stiles.

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