Teen Wolf: Superposition Episode Recap (6×02)

This episode starts not long after where last week’s episode ended, with Scott and Liam practicing lacrosse. Scott senses something isn’t right but brushes it off. Telling Liam he needs to work on his back shots, he is then surprised when Liam proceeds to make perfect shots. He tells Liam he must have been thinking of someone else. The lights on the field begin to flicker and go out, showing that something isn’t quite right.

The scene changes to inside a physics classroom where Mason, Corey and a few other students are all working on an experiment. Mason admits to Corey that he doesn’t need to be there but says he’s there because it’s one of his favourite labs. Corey says that they’re all there for the extra credit and Mason replies that working two jobs and dying didn’t exactly help, and that all he needs is some help. Corey realises that he’s doing it for him, to which Mason asks if he’s mad. Corey responds furiously before he kisses Mason.

They carry on with the experiment which has a electric current stronger than expected before Coach bursts into the room and asks what students are doing at the school so late. After leaving, Mason remembers he’s forgotten his phone and goes back to get it. Corey follows him, but after hearing doors burst open and leaves scatter across the floor, he goes invisible. While being invisible, he can see the Ghost Riders.

Mason exits the building after receiving a text from Corey that they’re there and telling him not to move. After entering the library, he sees a boy hanging mid-air. That is until Corey camouflages him and he can see the Ghost Riders make the boy disappear into a cloud of smoke.

Liam senses Mason is in trouble and they run into the school where Mason explains the situation. Neither of them remember the boy they just watched the Ghost Riders erase, they just remember the Ghost Riders being there.

Malia is seen in bed with a male we haven’t seen before, Nathan. Laying in bed, they try to get comfortable and Nathan attempts to spoon Malia. She seems uncomfortable until she flips the situation resulting in Nathan being the little spoon instead. The situation becoming more uncomfortable when he notices the chains near Malia’s bed.

Lydia is at home in bed when her lights begin to flash and she hears the sound of a speeding train. She’s gasping for breathe when her mother walks into her room asking what’s wrong as she’d heard Lydia screaming. Lydia explains what had just happened but her mother claims it was just a nightmare. Lydia doesn’t believe this as she says she wasn’t asleep.

Scott notices a gap on his wall, and when going over, notices a picture on his floor. It’s the picture of himself, Stiles, Malia and Lydia taken in the previous episode. However this time, Stiles is no where to be seen. He pins the picture back onto his wall.

Due to the fact Scott wants to focus on his grades and graduation, Coach is looking for a new captain of the team. When Liam is late for lacrosse practice, he is told by Coach that the fact he’s late is not Captain material. The scene ends not long after Coach calls Liam ‘Dumbar’ instead of ‘Dunbar’.

Corey and Mason return to the library. Mason, who’s done research on the Wild Hunt, can’t figure out why the Ghost Riders would have come to the school. Mason points out to Corey that they only saw the Ghost Riders due to Mason’s powers and that it may be a special ability that they don’t know about. Corey feels like they Ghost Riders were holding something the previous night, whereas Mason wonders if it was actually in fact someone.

Liam and Scott have a conversation about how he wasn’t really trying to be captain. Scott says that the team are behind before they even start. He goes on to say that with him graduating, Liam should step up and lead. Liam replies saying that Coach doesn’t want him, and he doesn’t know if the team wants him either. Scott says that it’s not up to them, it’s up to Liam. He adds that he has to want it, because they’re going to keep coming after him and knocking him down, but he has to get back up because leaders don’t run. Coach, who is listening from afar, begins to applaud and says that Scott’s intensity is exactly what the team needs.

Malia, who is highlighting her textbook, comes across the word “style”, stops, changes her highlighter colour and then carries on highlighting again in yellow. Lydia enters the classroom and sits down, taking notice of the empty desk next to it. She stares at it briefly in confusion. Walking between desks, the teacher is giving back tests. When Malia receives hers, she is filled with anger and her claws extend while she grips the table. Lydia, who notices, distracts the teacher while Malia calms down, whispering ‘Claws Malia’ to her as the teacher moves on.

Lydia sees a dark-haired women in the previously empty seat besides her. After questioning what she’s doing, she turns towards her and opens her mouth. The sound of a loud train fills the room causing Lydia to cover her ears but the sound soon passes. The room returns back to normal and no one else seems to notice anything unusual.

Lydia is in the hallway when she sees the women again near the other end of the hall. She runs and bursts through the doors but she is taken back to the night that Stiles disappeared. Although she can’t actually see him, she can hear and feel him. She can hear him saying what he said that night, and is being pulled around by him. Lydia is about to step in front of a car when she is suddenly pulled back by Malia.

Scott investigates the locker 1075, trying to see into it using his phone’s light through the vents. With no luck, he’s about to break the combination lock when Garrett Douglas stops him. He questions Scott about breaking into the locker reminding him that it’s against the rules. Scott leaves to go back to class.

In the locker room, Mason tells Liam about his theory about the Ghost Riders hanging someone in the library. After telling him that Corey has a hunch, Liam asks if it’s a ‘chameleon thing’, to which Corey replies that he just wants to help. In response, Liam points out that he wasn’t there when they were fighting The Beast, and questions why he was loyal to Theo for so long. Mason defends Corey, but then Liam points out that he can hear Corey’s heartbeat in the room. Corey becomes visible and makes a point that Liam forgave Hayden, who was also loyal to Theo. Liam says that it’s only because she almost died fighting The Beast with them. Corey responds by saying that he didn’t have much choice due to the fact he isn’t a werewolf like them, Mason agrees with him by saying all he can do is disappear. Liam then adds saying that Corey should just disappear.

Doctor Deaton looks at the piece of glass that Stiles pulled from the wrecked car in the previous episode. Scot says that he remembers taking it from the impound but he mentions that he can’t remember why he was there or why he took the glass. He then adds that there’s holes in his memory. Deaton replies by saying that dreams and waking dreams can allow the subconscious to help people remember. Scott ponders if his memory holes, the Wild Hunt and the Ghost Riders are all connected. Deaton says that the Wild Hunt is drawn to war and mayhem and that he’s never heard of it affecting people’s memories. He compares the memory loss to phantom limb syndrome which is how amputees sometimes will have pain or other sensations in a missing limb, that the limb is so important that the brain sometimes acts like it’s still there. Scott decides that his subconscious is trying to tell him what’s missing, but he can’t figure out how to decipher it.

Malia wakes up on her floor, in the corner of her bedroom.

Lydia walks into the basement of the school and finds Malia partially chained to a wall. Malia explains that she’s currently having a problem. She explains that she’s growling at people, clawing her desk and turning the floor of her bedroom into a coyote den. She adds that she remembers coming down into the school basement prior to using Lydia’s lake house. She says that she remembers being chained down there, but not with Scott and Lydia, and that she can’t reach for the chain herself. They decide someone had to have been there with her.

Scott calls Malia and Lydia to come out to the woods. He explains to them that he woke up near the spot that he was bitten and turned into a werewolf. Scott says about that he remembers certain things from the night like that he was looking for a body, however, certain facts like why he was there or how he got there is something he doesn’t remember. He comes to the conclusion that he wasn’t out there alone.

Liam and Corey meet outside the library. Corey says that he was wrong when he thought that them hating each other wouldn’t matter because it does matter, to Mason, and Mason matters to the both of them. They decide to team up and look for a trace of the Ghost Riders together.

Scott, Malia and Lydia all talk about someone in their lives that they feel like they’re missing. Scott says he thinks he had a best friend with him in the woods that night, but he can’t remember who. Malia knows someone chained her up and helped her stay human, but she too doesn’t know who. Lydia also feels like she went to school expecting to meet someone, but couldn’t remember who. She also states that she thinks she loved this person. They come to the conclusion that they’re all missing the same person, they just don’t know who that person is.

Parrish tells Sheriff Stilinski that hospitals use helium to help respiratory injuries caused by fires/explosions, and he also says that someone has been raiding the supply of helium at Beacon Hills’ hospital for months. He then goes on to tell the Sheriff that his wife is waiting for him in his office. When entering his office, Claudia Stilinski is there waiting for him and has bought him dinner. She originally gives him a salad stating that she needs to keep him healthy. This is before she swaps the salad for fast food.

Liam and Corey investigate in the library, invisible. Liam spots a library card slotted in the railing above where the Ghost Riders had been seen the night before. When Corey lets go of Liam’s hand and he becomes visible again, the card becomes invisible. Corey goes and retrieves the card, when he becomes visible again, so does the card. However, the card is blank. This is until they scan the card, and the screen shows a student profile, Jake Sullivan’s. The card now shows the student’s ID on it again. They realise the Ghost Riders erased Jake from existence.

Liam goes to coach and signs up to be captain.

At the animal clinic, Deaton hangs the shard of glass from the impound lot on a string in front of Lydia with a light below it. He hopes that the whole situation will allow Lydia to tap into what her subconscious is trying to tell her. Lydia begins to write. However, over time the writing gets more and more furious and the others stop her. Holding up the piece of paper, it says the word ‘mischief’ on it over and over. That’s not all it said though, the words themselves spelt out the word ‘Stiles’.


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