Teen Wolf Will Come To An End After Season 6

Yesterday during Teen Wolf’s SDCC panel, Jeff Davis announced some very heartbreaking news that was completely unexpected. MTV and the Teen Wolf cast have announced that the upcoming sixth season will be the last. The final season will have 20 episodes, which brings them to a total of 100 episodes altogether and will be premiered in November.

Yesterday showrunner and executive produce Jeff Davis put out a statement on the Teen Wolf panel saying, “Teen Wolf has been an extraordinary journey, one that captured the hearts and imaginations of fans more than we could’ve ever imagined. We’re eternally grateful for the support we’ve recieved over these past six years and we’re excited to take our brave fans on one last, thrilling adventure.”

Tyler Posey had a few words to say regarding the final instalment of Teen Wolf. “This it it. This is the regime that we’ve built. Everything that we’ve put into these seats is coming to an end and I just want to let everybody know from Jeff and everybody here’s heart, that this has been the biggest movement we’ve ever been apart of. This isn’t just a show, this is a family, you guys were all apart of it, you guys have helped us get to this point and I hope you guys know that we love you guys. I do crazy sh-t like that just because I wanna make you guys smile and laugh. You mean so much to me. So this ending is the end of a huge era for all of us and me specifically because I care so deeply about this show and wanna be the leader of this show so I’m going to have to find something else to be a leader of when this is over but, this is huge, I love each and every single one of you and I wanna come and hug every single one of you when this is over.”

Jeff also explained that Tyler and himself have been in contact with Dylan O’Brien to tell him the news and he said how Dylan sent him the most beautiful message about how bittersweet it was and how everything they’ve been able to do is so amazing.

Teen Wolf has been a great platform for Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien specifically since it’s premiere in 2011, as it has turned them into the great actors they have become today and they’ve been able to form a brotherly bond that is so unbelievably strong. Tyler Posey spoke about his and Dylan’s bond at the SDCC yesterday, “Dylan and I have a bond I can’t even express… This show saved my life.”

Holland Roden has also expressed that this show has been a part of her entire 20’s and if she didn’t get her role as Lydia in Teen Wolf, she probably wouldn’t have been acting at all. She had plans to head off to college before she was even cast in Teen Wolf but Jeff Davis convinced her to join him and the crew instead.

The show has not only been an incredible platform for the crew, but also for the fans. Fans took to Twitter to express their feelings towards the show coming to an end.

The journey has been an exciting one for sure, we’ve watched our favourites fight off some of the most dangerous villains, we’ve seen Sciles grow closer than ever only to be pulled apart, we’ve lost people we grew so attached too and we’ve been tortured for the past 6 years with Stydia which still isn’t a thing but should 99.9% be throughout season 6. (Or knowing Jeff Davis, the very last episode.)

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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