Tez Cadey releases a new ultimate house EP “everysingletime”

Tez Cadey is back with yet another release right in time for the summer and festival season. “Everysingletime” and “Bring The Vibe In Check” are two fast-paced, club-oriented tracks made with the night and the after parties in mind. With this EP, Tez continues to blend the genres further and blur the lines in his work while maintaining the melodic touch and nostalgic vibe that make his songs unique.

Tez Cadey once again delivers warmly inventive dance and unique house freeze known from his previous projects. On “everysingletime” Tez Cadey uses his own musical language that channels the message through high-speed dance, house, and techno. Since releasing his latest and highly recognized singles such as “Save,” “About That,” and “Movin’ On” the DJ/producer has continued to juggle his sharpening club-music tropes with quick and dynamic electronic sounds.

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Written by Magdalena

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