EXCLUSIVE: The Magician Talks New Track “Ready To Love” and Future Plans

It’s all about the good vibes for Belgian DJ and producer The Magician!

Born Stephen Fasan, the DJ is probably best known to big audiences for his remixes of tracks by Lykke Li (I Follow Rivers), Clean Bandit (Rather Be) as well as Years and Years (Sunlight).

After being busy releasing clubbier tracks, touring the world and providing us with amazing new remixes, the producer has now returned with a brand new track that undeniably feels like summer.

The fresh new release is titled “Ready To Love” and we are most definitely ready to love this one! It is a poppy dance track that perfectly blends the smooth vocals of the female singer with the light, upbeat production provided by The Magician.

Currently standing at half a million streams just a few short weeks after its release, we are sure that this one will get even bigger as the days get longer.

Not only are we loving his new track but we also had the amazing opportunity to speak to The Magician and ask him all of our burning questions about the tracks and the influences at hand while crafting it. We also chatted about his upcoming releases (get excited, there’s a lot more to come) and what you can expect from his live performances. Read the interview down below:

Before we start, we would like to congratulate you on the new release! How does it feel to have your new song  out?
Thank you!  For this one, I’m happy it’s finally out. I made this track more than a year ago and for various different reasons it’s only coming out now

Your new track is a wonderfully summery release! What was the inspiration behind the record itself?
The inspiration came from UK piano house music from the 90s, which I’ve added a French touch and pop chords to. We were working with the vocalist (Sophie Cooke) in the room together when she wrote the lyrics. The goal was to get something catchy and easy to sing along to, even for non-English speakers and I think it’s come out really well! 

It most certainly did! “Ready To Love” sees you venturing into a bit of a different musical direction, in comparison to your latest work. Why did you choose to do it like that?
You’re right, it is different to the past three tracks which were more urban and pop, but not so different from some of the music I was making when I started The Magician project. I wanted to release a positive, summer track with a female singer. I realized I had too many male singers on previous tracks (laughs)

Your music generally tends to emit only positive vibes and “Ready To Love” is no exception. How did you come up with your sound? Did you have any particular influences?
It definitely all stems from when I was young, listening to my dad’s music which was ABBA, Queen, Michael Jackson or Madonna – all very poppy and catchy. Also the FM radio was always playing at home so I was constantly surrounded by the pop of the 80’s.

Some DJs like to “test” their new tracks in front of live audiences. Do you do the same thing?
Yes, I do that, I actually played ‘Ready To Love’ at Splash House and the reaction was good, the version was a bit different though. At the moment, I’m testing 3 new tracks and the reaction is massive on them. I can’t wait to release them!

That’s awesome, we are more than ready to listen to them soon! In an Instagram post you asked your fans about possible remixes for “Ready To Love”. Were there any unexpected (but maybe interesting) suggestions on the list?
Yes, there were some great ones like Peggy Gou, Silk City or Black Coffee. I really like those artists. But no one has found the names of the remixers, though they are quite popular!

Oh, wow, now that sounds exciting! Is there any DJ or producer you’d love to see on your remix package for “Ready To Love” and why?
Yes, I wanted 3 remixers and 2 of the 3 have accepted which is so cool! I asked them because I felt like they could do a great remix. Also they are more than remixers, they are also friends. I can’t tell you any more than that for now!

Then, we will just have to wait and see! You have already collaborated with Years & Years, remixed tracks by artists such as AlunaGeorge, The Chainsmokers and Lykke Li. Do you have any artists left on your bucket list that you would love to collaborate with and why?
I would love to remix songs of rappers/singers like Drake, Swaelee, Tori Lanez or The Weeknd. When I do a remix, the vocals are the main thing which help me decide what to do with the track. I like to transform pop or rap songs to edgy dance music!

Next to your original releases and your remixes, you are also keeping your fans updated with your “Magic Tapes” and we kind of get lost in them whenever you post them because they are so good! How did you come up with the concept and what is the process behind the creation of these tapes?
It’s only about the music I like at the moment. As soon as the latest Magic Tape is online, I start a new file and put all the new music I find or receive in there for the next edition. I receive a lot of music but also search for new music. I live to be the first to play a track. I never give the track list because a Magician never reveals his tricks. 

What are your plans music-wise for the future? Can we expect some new releases in the future and what can we expect from them?
It’s been almost 10 years since I started The Magician project and in that time I’ve explored a lot of different genres. As a DJ, it’s been even longer. Late 2018, I was like, I need to make an album, I have so many emotions to share. So, I’ve been composing a lot of new songs for like 4 months. I know the process will be long to finish but I really want to release an album. Till then, there will be singles.

You are also continuing your tour this summer in the US. What can your American fans expect from your concerts?
Good energy!  I like to surprise my crowd, so each show is different. I never play the same tracks and if you heard me last year, the set will be completely different this time. It’s always a new and fresh set every 3 months… But of course I play my own tracks as well.

You will also return to Tomorrowland this summer with your own stage called “Potion”. What does that mean to you?
I’m very happy to have my own stage and the line-up we do together with the Tomorrowland team is awesome. Potion is my label but it doesn’t mean all DJs are on Potion –  they can also be linked through friendship, remixes, co-production or from being featured in my Magic Tapes.  It would be an amazing experience to play the main stage one day. 

Last but not least: what are you generally hoping to achieve this year?
Make the best music I ever made before. 

We are sure that you will achieve this as “Ready To Love” is a great indicator of it. Thank you so much for the interview!
Thank you !

“Ready To Love” was released on March 22nd to all digital retailers and streaming platforms. Be sure to check it out!

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