Three Times The Fun: JoJo Is About to Release New Music

It is time, everyone. It. Is. Finally. Time. Hold on to your weaves and wigs before they will officially be snatched away very, very soon. Get ready for massive slayage and hold on to whatever you can before it is offically too late. I can promise you, this will rock your world.

After 9 full years, US-singer JoJo, officially known as Joanna Levesque, is finally able to make her fans’ (and her own) dreams come true by releasing her new music and showing the world how much has changed since 13-year-old little JoJo sang and climbed to the top of the Billboard charts with those iconic pop anthems “Leave (Get Out)” back in 2004- and hereby became the youngest artist to reach #1 in the US- and with her massive follow-up “Too Little Too Late” in 2006.

To be quite fair: a lot has changed in that decade of unreleased music. JoJo matured and with her did her sound which can be seen in one of the few instances when some new glimpses of new material were made available for the general public. One of those would be her tremendously good version of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” in which she changed the song into a female perspective and made it into a response to the original.

Drake openly acknowledge how much he loved the track and produced her 2012 released but sadly not promoted song “Demonstrate”. Another song called “Disaster”, which was more along the lines of “Too Little Too Late” musically speaking, was promoted instead as the supposedly official lead single to her third album. By that time, her last full-length record was released six years ago. Fans were getting anxious to hear the big thing. JoJo kept apologizing for the delay and produced two mixtapes independently and released them for free on her Soundcloud page.

But it wasn’t her fault that no new album was being released. Her record label Blackground Records kept telling her to write and record new things and generally kept her from releasing anything. Plus they never truly promoted anything (such as the previously mentioned track). JoJo started a legal battle against her record label. She wanted them to release her so she could sign to another label. #FreeJoJo was started and finally succesful at the end of 2013. In 2014, she signed with her new label Atlantic Records through which her new music will be released.

Now, after all of this trouble, after all of those long years of waiting, of praying that something might come along, of hoping for the best, it is finally time. The end of struggle is in sight. Fans knew that JoJo was busy recording new stuff (her Instagram page is full of pictures of her in the recording studio) but never got to hear anything.

But today, JoJo made the big announcement.On her latest post she announced that August 21st is the due date.

Most likely of- hold on to your chairs- three new singles being released all at once.

That’s already more than we got in her last ten years as a part of the Blackgrounds family. Exciting, right? And the best is: The album will follow shortly after! She is already asking fans on social media to tweet or hashtag their posts with #JojoFansFirstSweeps if they want to hear her music first in a city of their choice. So everything points out to the fact that, yes, everything is going the way it should. And yes, we are getting brand new music soon. We are getting to hear all of the beautiful things that she wanted to show us during all of those years.

And might I interest you in another intersting fact? Harmony Samuels, who also produced the debut album of Fifth Harmony, recently spoke to Billboard in an interview about working with JoJo. He mentioned the fact that he produced several tracks and that the album will feature all kinds of musical styles. “Tringle”, which is the supposedly the name of album number three, therefore will be very diverse and even more promise than we ever dared to imagine.

This is going to be good, this is going to be exciting, you guys. I can feel it, JoJo’s fans can feel it, JoJo herself can feel it, everyone can or should feel it, too.

Get ready, dear readers! And don’t forget to breathe. Always breathe. Whatever comes along: make sure your heart keeps beating, your hair is sitting perfectly on top of your head and -most importantly- that you share the word with the world. Because everybody has to know the good news.

And always remember don’t forget to breathe. I’m sure JoJo’s “Tringle” is going to take everyone’s breath away.

(By the way: can we please appreciate how absolutely stunning JoJo looks in that new promotional picture of her? Isn’t that picture of a strong, powerful JoJo glancing over the skyline of a city prove enough that the new era is going to be fabulous?)

Three Times The Fun: JoJo Is About to Release New Music 1

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