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Tiffany Young conveys a powerful message with the music video for “Over My Skin”

After taking over the world as a member of the iconic girl group “Girls’ Generation”, Tiffany Young is back to repeat the history but this time, as a solo artist.

Last month, Young released the official audio for her single “Over My Skin” that immediately soared the charts and streaming platforms, with over 2.5 million streams across Spotify and YouTube, landing the #1 spot on the iTunes Pop Chart in 13 countries, #1 spot on the iTunes K-Pop Chart in 23 countries and #1 spot on the iTunes All Genres Chart in 10 countries.

Yesterday, the singer finally dropped a powerful music video for the single. The setting of the video complements the classic pop vibe of the song. While on surface, “Over My Skin” might appear to be yet another sultry track but it is the very idea that Young is trying to argue about in her new single.

Taking up the points used by critics and media to stereotype artists, Young attempts to showcase the behind-the-scene reality of the industry and how she plans to evade the façade.

Breaking away from the conventional definition and expectations, Young can be seen owning the stage by taking control over her career and sound, both literally and metaphorically.

Portraying herself as Professor T. of Young Pop Academy, Young shares 5 key lessons to liberation: Lesson 1: own your style, Lesson 2: werk that social media, Lesson 3: facing criticism, Lesson 4: focus on the music, and in the end Lesson 5 : taking your career into your own hands and learning all crafts.

Different parts of the video depict these lessons and on hindsight show how pressuring it can be for artists to lead the public life. It also showcases the consequences of one taking control of their art, the consequences being inner peace and happiness.

Talking about “Over My Skin”, Tiffany said,

“I feel liberated, like I’m finally stepping into my own superpowers!” says Tiffany?”It’s about doing my life my way and not for anyone else.  When you first hear the song, you can say, oh that is about sex, but listen again, it is really deeper than that.  It is about being a woman in this world at this time. My favorite line is ‘do nasty things and you don’t judge me’ because I think every woman feels that way and there is nothing wrong with it,”she proudly states.

We absolutely loved the video. The music video is much more than just a performative work of art. Did you like it as much as we did? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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