Top 10 80’s Films That Made History

March 24th marked the 32nd anniversary of the formation of The Breakfast Club, one of the most recognized groups of actors amongst several generations. Being hailed as one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time, we decided that what better way of honoring them than by creating a list of 80’s films that made pop culture history?

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Managing to create one hell of a ride, Ferris Bueller is a guy who just wants the best for everybody. Fun-loving, easy-going and genuine, this movie is meant to tackle on coming-of-age issues with humorous overtones.

2. Back to the Future

The world was introduced to Marty McFly and the future was forever changed. Having just lived through Marty’s future world, we sure have managed to love this film.

3. The Goonies                                                        

When you first watched this film, it seemed like you could take on the world. And maybe you still can, but will it get you Sloth and treasure?

4. E.T.                                           

“E.T. go home” cries uncontrollably E.T. came, stole our hearts and then left with them. Forever correlated with our childhood.

5. Pretty in Pink                                                                         

Can we just talk about the genius that is John Hughes? Honestly, this guy could write. And the fact that The Brat Pack was a thing is enough to characterize how much he loved what he did.

6. The Karate Kid                                               

One of the original underdog stories. Take a nerdy kid, give him some character skills, and watch him win — at everything. Honestly, this movie was made to help people realize that it’s okay to be different — so long as you can chop a block in half with your hand.

7. Sixteen Candles                                            

Never enough John Hughes. Never enough Molly Ringwald. This film pushed us all to hope that no one ever forgot our birthday. And the amount of fun in this film is insane.

8. Footloose                                                      

We live in a world of Kevin Bacon. But let’s be real, the scene where he dances in the warehouse is everything you needed in life. “I thought this was a party. LET’S DANCE!”

9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit                                                           

One of the funniest, dorkiest movies of the 80’s. Who Framed Roger Rabbit mixes animation and living things and makes one of the greatest combinations. Who doesn’t love Roger Rabbit? And Toontown looks like the place to be.

10. Dirty Dancing            

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” So much angst, so much Swayze, so much greatness. The 80’s had a thing about dancing movies, but none of them disappoint, including this one.

So which 80’s film is your favorite and why? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us over @CelebMix!

Written by Gloria

LA-native currently based in Washington, DC.
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