Twelve Reasons to Love Sam Winchester

There are many reasons to love Dean Winchester’s incredible little brother. Sam is smart, intriguing, and incredibly witty. We can’t list all of the qualities that make him an unforgettable character, it would take way too long, but we can give you some of the biggest reasons.

So in honor of the series’ twelfth season, here are twelve reasons to love Supernatural‘s Sam Winchester.


1. His strength

Not only is the youngest Winchester brother’s body strong, but throughout the seasons, it is obvious that his mind is as well. Through all of the physical and mental excursions Sam has dealt with, he has come out still standing. Not even a trip to Hell stopped him in his tracks.


2. His height

Many people believe that Dean Winchester is on the shorter side because of Sam, but that’s not the case. The older of the two is actually 6″1′, which isn’t all that short. Sam Winchester is just ridiculously tall, with a height of 6″4′. Hence the nickname “Sasquatch”.


3. His hair evolution


Over the years, Sam’s hairstyle hasn’t stayed the same. It began as a fringe, but that slowly disappeared. The lengths of his hair have varied from season to season, with his hair being quite long in season eight but back to being shorter in season eleven. However, pretty much every season, he’s had lovely hair. It’s just a Sam Winchester thing.


4. His determination to do the right thing

Despite fate constantly telling him that he’s a bad apple, Sam has always gone out of his way to try and do the right thing. If he ends up screwing up, the Winchester goes out of his way to fix the situation and make it right.


5. His caringness towards others

Sam has always carried a sense of compassion with him. While many hunters are rough around the edges, his years of hunting haven’t taken away his understanding and empathy. He’s willing to put his life on the line if it means saving someone; even if he doesn’t know them.


6. His geekiness

It’s not a secret; Sam Winchester is quite a geek. He was really into school when he still attended, and he’s a big reader and researcher. Of course, that’s not a bad thing. It’s definitely a good trait to have in his line of work.


7. His sass

Sam knows when to be serious, but he also has his share of sassy moments. Soulless Sam was a good time for his witty remarks, but they’ve always been around. It’s hard not to smile when the younger Winchester brother decides to give his bold statements.


8. His intelligence

With all the researching and reading he does, it’s not a surprise that Sam is smart. When Dean asks about things, he almost always has information already in his head about it. He’s also great at devising plans and problem-solving.


9. His awkwardness

It’s hard not to love Sam’s awkwardness. While his brother is pretty smooth when it comes to conversation, Sam tends to be closer to the awkward side of things. It’s honestly really cute.


10. His willingness to protect his family


Not only does Sam go out of his way for strangers, but he goes all the way out for his family. When it comes to Dean, Cas, Bobby, and everyone else the Winchester has been close with, he’s constantly fighting to keep them safe and alive.


11. His diet

Sam Winchester’s diet just adds to his great persona. He’s not a big fan of greasy cheeseburgers; he’s an advocate for ‘rabbit food’, as Dean calls it. Sam is into fresher things like salads, fruit, and vegetables.


12. His love for Dean

The siblings have obviously had their ups and downs, but Sam’s love for Dean has been consistent throughout the show’s history. Their relationship is a big part of what keeps the series running, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without their big brother and little brother dynamic.


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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.