Velvet Winter Releases Music Video For "Crystal Heart"

Velvet Winter Releases Music Video for “Crystal Heart”

Velvet Winter (aka Talon Majors) is an electronic indie rock artist from Los Angeles, California. After recently dropping her album Crystal Heart, Talon has now released her new music video for a track off of that album, also titled “Crystal Heart.”

Talon has had quite the journey in her life, which may explain all the unique and beautiful artistic creativity in the video for for “Crystal Heart.” She has explored the mountains of Colorado to the cityscape of Los Angeles.

Listening to Talon’s music, you hear a cool blues edgy vibe with a hint of jazz and indie pop rock elements. With lyrics like, “My crystal heart is breaking I can feel it in my veins / Bleeding like the roses / They will never be the same,” in “Crystal Heart,” you can tell there’s some deep emotion behind the words Talon is singing.

“I battled drinking and anxiety meds for years. I guess I have the classic ‘artist with a broken past thing’ working for me!,” she laughs. “I’ve also always been incredibly outspoken and somewhat of a free thinker. I learned at a young age how incredibly judgmental people can be about anyone they do not understand.”

Due to her past struggles, Talon hopes to connect with people who have had troubled pasts. Whether it be from drug abuse, eating disorders, or sexual orientation, she wants to be that person who can help through her music.

“My heart goes out to people with depression, PTSD and other illnesses that you can’t see on the surface,” says Taron. “I truly believe everyone can find the strength to stand on their own and go after what they want. If you live in someone’s shadow you’ll always be behind your dream.”

If you love artists like Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Halsey, and/or Melanie Martinez, you may love Velvet Heart.

Check out her video for “Crystal Heart” below:

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