Kendall Jenner x Estee Lauder

Watch Kendall Jenner Sing Along To Elle King For New Estée Lauder Campaign

When someone mentions Kendall Jenner’s name, what do you think? Do you think of the gorgeous supermodel who could make even a paper bag look stylish? Do you think of the reality star who is just a small fraction of her ever-growing famous family? Or maybe you think of her as a talented singer who is about to take the music scene by storm with her incredible voice and dance moves?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. Although Kendall is unbelievably talented, she has made it very clear in the past that singing isn’t her strongest point. But she could have fooled us when we watched the music video for Estée Lauder’s newest campaign, Pure Colour Love.

The music video which has been released to promote the newest range of Estée Lauder lipsticks is definitely something special. It features the twenty-one year old supermodel lip-syncing and dancing along to Elle King’s latest single, “Wild Love,” and in all honesty, we have probably watched it about a hundred times at this point.

The video begins with poor Kendall being left to clean up after what was apparently a really fun night, and she grows even more frustrated when her friend Elle King refuses to help her in favour of going to the recording studio. Now at this point we would be picking up our phones to send Elle a strongly worded text message but Kendall decides against that and instead she applies some of her friend’s red lipstick because that will teach her a lesson, right?

But Kendall gets a huge surprise when not only does she get a perfect pout out of her lipstick, but she also gets an incredible singing voice… The incredible singing voice of Elle King herself!

It comes at a cost though. While Kendall can be seen putting on a one woman show in her house, Elle King faces a rough time in the recording studio as she struggles to get a single note out. When she realises what is going on, she races back home to retrieve her lipstick and to put the supermodel in her place.

You can find out what happens next by watching the music video below:

Kendall Jenner was named as the new face of the beauty brand back in November 2014 and she has since starred in a number of their famous campaigns but this latest one is definitely our favourite of the bunch.

Make sure to check out the Estée Lauder website to find your favourite Pure Colour Love lipstick.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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