What Do You Mean is out in ten days… we’re excited

Beliebers all around the world, the wait is ending. Only 10 more days before new Bieber’s song (that’s going to be the first step of his comeback) What Do You Mean is out.

Justin –whose last album was Journals (available only on iTunes)- seems to have left behind him all his little mistakes and, back in February, apologized with his Beliebers on the Ellen Show (“I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing”). Six months passed from that day and now it’s official: Bieber is back.

His new single is all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it has already reached the top of the Billboard chart and, quoting Ariana Grande (who supported his friend showing her love on twitter), yes, I’ve heard it…….. yes, it’s fantastic.

Manyother celebrities showed their support to the 21 years old boy, everybody guaranteeing that Bieber’s new music is amazing and everyone will love it like Biebermania never ended. Is it true? We hope so!

Between the people who posted (on Twitter or Instagram) something about WDYM, you can surely recognize (along with Ariana, of course) James Corden, Ruby Rose, Twenty One Pilots, Hilary Duff, Megan Trainor, the new TCA Breakout Artist winner – Little Mix, and Big Sean.

There is no clue of what the song could be about (someone is sure it willbe about his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, someone else thinks it will be about this new Justin and the way his life changed in the past years), even though there’s a couple on lyrics video on Youtube, none of them is legit and you shouldn’t believe them.

Thankfully, the song hasn’t been leaked yet and although the curiosity is growing up day by day, we can only wait till August 28th.

Written by CelebMix