When Should You Take Online Dating to In-Person Dating?

Online dating can be a lot of fun; there’s no denying that. But the ultimate goal isn’t to continue dating someone in the virtual world. Instead, the aim is to eventually meet in person—and, hopefully, have the same connection when you’re physically in the same space together. 

This can be a little intimidating because you don’t really know how you’re going to feel around each other if you’ve only ever interacted with one another online. So, to help you know when you’re ready to take your online dating into the real world, we’ve compiled a few tips for you below. 

Really Get to Know Each Other Well

You can’t really know someone too well after only talking to them for a few weeks, let alone a few days. So, if you don’t feel comfortable diving right into an in-person meetup right away, that’s totally fine and completely normal. 

Sure, you can do something like meet local personals in Maine, United States or in the heart of Los Angeles or anywhere in between right away after connecting. But imagine how much more comfortable you’d feel meeting someone that you’ve been talking to online and over the phone for several weeks or even a month or more. You’ll probably feel a lot better about meeting someone you trust rather than someone you recently started talking to. 

Consider Looking into a Person’s Background

This might seem a little invasive, but hear us out. What if you are talking to someone who isn’t who they claim to be? You’ve probably heard of the term “catfish” by now, and you definitely don’t want to be the victim of a scammer. So, if you know someone’s full name, you can do a little digging by searching for information about them online. 

You can go the route of running a background check on them, but you might be surprised by what you find with a simple search on the internet. In the event that you find out something about the person that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can proceed with caution, ask questions, or back out of the online relationship. On the other hand, if everything looks good, you can feel that much more confident in taking your relationship into the real world. 

Meet in Person When You Know You Can Be Yourself Around Them

If you have gotten to know someone enough to the point that you can be yourself when you’re around them, that’s another good sign that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. 

Perhaps you’ve talked a lot about your lives to one another, you’ve shared a lot of laughs, and you’ve gotten to know each other’s flaws. At this point, meeting in person may be surprisingly easy because you’ve been your authentic self along the way. 

Meet When You Know That There’s No One Else in the Picture

Final tip: keep in mind that men and women who use dating apps might be talking to more than one person at the same time. For example, San Antonio, Texas women who are seeking men to start relationships might keep their options open until they find “the one.” 

A lot of people would prefer being sure that they’re the only one in the picture before taking their online relationship to the next level. So, be honest with one another about dating exclusively. And if the other person isn’t on the same page, you might decide to end it before you waste your time. 

We hope these tips help you decide when it’s the best time for dating in person!

Written by Monella