Then it comes the time in your adolescence when you feel lost about who you really are or what you want. You look for your own identity because it begins to rust like a piece of old iron which has been in the same place for too long in a bad conditions.

The confusion emerges and it feels like swimming all the time in the same empty ocean were only there’s you and your memories swallowing you deeper everytime you try to breath back.

When that sensation reaches you it becomes worse every minute goes by and you force desperately to escape and find a safe home again like you did before. On that point you realise the safe place it’s not a physical space anymore it is something else, I mean it’s someone else.
Somebody who has the willingness to make you grow up fast at the last tram of your way and you reborn like a phoenix does between all of those burnt ashes.

We usually hold a hand which give us strenght and energy, in my case, I found a pair of green eyes matching a big smile which it joins two adorable dimples and a messy curly hair.

In a non-presence state he made me be the best version of myself I could be.

He’s been a solid pillar in everything I did like a shadow behind me everyday but this one turned into a thought and it hosts my mind giving me the faith and calm I need to.

Thank to him, now I’m able to say what I really think about. I see how he just drops words out of his mouth and those come dierectly from his open mind. I see how he dances on the stage and I love the fact he just worries about having fun or not to falling off (mostly all the time). I admire he keeps his opinion and idiologies up even though he perfectly knows there’s a big amount people who’s not going to agree. I appreciate there’s still persons like him who likes to be natural in the same way we came into this world, with nothing but with our pure minds and vital energy.

Socity is the one who poisoness us, but he has kept his essence. He has put all the clothes off again and has shown his naked soul, authentic glorious and filled of benignity. He’s a clear exemple of independence. He doesn’t follow the straight line people has drawn and has made us believe that if you’re out of it you’re a loser and it’s not like that. He’s shown it’s even better if we are so far away from that line because it makes us loyal about ourselves. He’s taught me I gotta be a tiny bit selfish to valorate myself but not letting the egoism put itself a gold crown on and giving the chance to build a castle where the only person to be governed was only me feeling imprisoned between four cold and lone walls. He’s tought me I have to respect everbody as much as a kid respects a mother’s love.

Be proud of who you are, never listen too much what people say. Ignore the bad opinions as much as the great ones and just listen and trust the people who knows you better and loves you the most because that’s the only place you can call ‘Home’.


Let us know who has inspired you the most along the journey that life is and keep growing up physically and mentally every day goes by.

Written by CelebMix