Why Fans Love Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is an American TV series that started in 2011 and is aired on MTV. In the 5 years it’s been a show, it has gained many fans from across the globe who all love and watch the show for different reasons. So here at CelebMix, we decieded to ask people why they loved it, and here’s what they said.

Amanda | 16 | Brazil – “I love Teen Wolf because of the cast, I love them so much and they are all very beautiful. I also love it because it is a series that has drama, suspense, romance involved and I don’t get tired of watching this wonderful series.”

Rebecca | 17 | Ireland – “I love the show because although it deals with supernatural, it also deals with problems that teenagers face every day such as love, school, and family problems. It also has an amazing cast who you can clearly see from their acting are very close.”

María | 17 | Spain – “I love Teen Wolf because it isn’t just a tv series, it’s much more. The cast is amazing and they care so much about their fans, they make us feel loved and important. Also, the series has taught me really important things, for example, that I have to be my own anchor. This quote has really helped me. Actually, this show has helped me a lot. It makes me really happy, I love everything about it.”

Lucie | 13 | France – “I love Teen Wolf because this show is original, very funny and the characters are amazing.”

Clara | 16 | Germany – “I started Teen Wolf because the storyline sounded interesting and I already knew Dylan O’Brien from The Maze Runner. I love Teen Wolf because the storyline is interesting and exciting, it includes friendships, relationships, and incredible family ties. I love the actors because they are so full of love and they are funny. I love Teen Wolf and since I started watching it, it has become a really important part of my life (and since I made an Instagram fan account). The show, characters, and actors make me happy. That’s why I love Teen Wolf.”

Liv | 16 | UK – “I love it because it deals with everyday issues like anxiety through the character of Stiles. Also, because each character is different, they learn throughout the seasons to accept that some people might not like them because they’re different. Kind of like the Argents and other hunters represent normal society trying ton bring down anyone that is different.”

Ángela | 16 | Barcelona – “Teen Wolf is a series that hooks you slowly, with their characters and their stories. I love the series especially the topic of werewolves, banshees, etc. It is a 10/10 series and I recommend it very much.”

Sibylle | 19 | France – “I love this show because I love fiction and this story is exceptional. Also, the actors are so funny and cute with us, and I love it.”

Christina | 15 | Spain – “I love Teen Wolf because it’s a show that mixes and action and love, and at the same time, it’s funny. I can’t explain it, I just love it.”

Neema | 16 | America – “I love Teen Wolf because it has gotten me through so much. When I was going through some really terrible times, it was one of the only things that could make me smile and I’m so grateful for it.”

Deborah | 14 | Italy – “I love Teen Wolf because it has loads of different supernatural creatures which many of us have never heard of before. The bromance between Scott and Stiles is the relationship that everyone wants. I mean they are so close and they’re always there for each other, but when Theo broke Sciles, I was heartbroken and so sad. I love Teen Wolf especially because of all the relationships in the series. Like Scott and Stiles, Stiles and Lydia, Melissa and Sherrif Stilinski, and many others. They all have their own different relationships which make it amazing.”

Asia | 15 | Switzerland – “So, I started watching Teen Wolf in 2011 and I’ve always loved it. I don’t really know why but it’s different from other TV shows. I’ve always liked supernatural things just like all the things that happen in Beacon Hills, and I really like the passion that the actors put in their jobs, it’s amazing. I will never forget them and I will never forget Teen Wolf.”

Bianca | 16 | Portugal – “Teen Wolf was basically the first series I watched, and since then, it has become my favourite show. Since I was little I always liked to see series’ with werewolves (and my parents said I was crazy because of that, haha).”

Lucy | 16 | UK – “I love Teen Wolf because even though the show itself is based off the film with the same name, it’s such a unique show. It uses things such as Japanse folklore, Irish folklore, etc. to create one truly incredible show that is like no other.

Another thing I love about it is how relationships are displayed on the show. Yes, romantic relationships are a big part of the show, but to me, they’re not the main feature and definitely not the most important one displayed. The friendship between Scott and Stiles is so pure, and it feels so real that you wouldn’t be able to guess it’s not real. The family relationships on the show are also like this, they show real life problems that families have to deal with on a day to day basis, and it’s just something so pure and real about a show. Yes, it may be a supernatural show, but it’s got real things going on in it too.

That is why I love Teen Wolf.”

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Written by CelebMix