Why fans love You Me At Six

You Me At Six are a rock band from England who over the many years of being a band, have played more gigs than we can count, and released so many extraordinary songs. In this time, the band have also gained fans from across the globe. Through the use of twitter, we spoke to some of those fans to find out why they love the band so much. This is what they said…

Josh | 19 | England – “I have to thank them for the opportunities they’ve given me and my friends I have made through them.”

Chloe | 17 | England – “I love You Me At Six because they give me such a sense of happiness. I found them about six years ago now and I haven’t looked back since. Their music is wonderful and it really got me through July when I had family issues. I’m so thankful for their music and I love how they brought me and one of my friends a lot closer, and are a band that my dad and I bonded over. I hope they know how incredible they are, and I love them so much.”

Liam | 23 | Wales – “I appreciate You Me At Six because their music cheers me up when I’m feeling low.”

Lucy | 16 | England – “I got into You Me At Six back in 2012, and I know realistically that isn’t that long ago, but they were one of the first rock bands I got into and since then, my appreciation for them has just grown and grown. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten through a bunch of stuff in 2013/2014. They’ve done so much for me over the past years and I appreciate them and their music more than I will ever be able to put into words. I’m so glad they’re back again after their break and blessing the world with their music.”

Lucy | 18 | England – “Well their music is amazing but more importantly, their songs got me through a really hard time by reminding me that no matter how alone you feel, you’re never alone and things will get better. They also brought me and my best friend together, it was them we got talking about when we first met and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Harryet | 15 | England – “I appreciate You Me At Six because they’re the first rock band I ever liked, and I’ve liked them since I was about 6.”

Rebecca | 31 | Germany – “You Me At Six are one of my favourite bands mainly because of their lyrics, and also because Josh’s voice is somewhat rare. Attending their shoes is a kind of therapy for me, very energetic. The guys put their everything into their music which is noticeable. A big plus is also how they communicate with their fans. Whenever you meet them, they are really nice and take their time to have a little chat.”

Breanna | 15 | England – “I appreciate You Me At Six so so so much, their songs and them as people have helped me through so much stuff. I don’t want to be cliche but when I was in a dark time, I was listening to their music and it’s what kept me going these past eight years. They mean the absolute world to me…”

Priscilla | 23 | Netherlands – “I love and appreciate You Me At Six because they make the most incredible music that I’ve been able to relate to for 9 years now. I’ve been growing up with them. I’ve seen them live various times and they’re always amazing. They seem to have tons of fun on stage every single time and you can really see the friendship and I love that. I have had the chance to meet them and they’re just genuinely so nice. I also love that they want to spread a positive message.”

Georgia | 17 | Wales – “I love You Me At Six as a band because as they create great music and they are one of my favourite bands. They have helped me get through a lot of hard times. I really appreciate what they will do for their fans and I fully support them in all that they do. I’m glad that they are making sure that fans are buying tickets safely and not having the risk of scammers.”

These are just a few of the reasons why fans of You Me At Six love the band so much. Do you too love them? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix, we’d love to hear them!

Written by CelebMix