Will Smith talks fame and new film “Bright” on Australian morning talk show

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Men in Black form just a fraction of Will Smith’s CV, but Bright is the latest addition to the movie star’s repertoire.

Smith sat down with Australian breakfast show Sunrise Monday morning as part of his publicity run for Bright, which also involved surprising fans at a Comic Con. He dressed up as an orc from his film, but was inevitably discovered. Check it out below!

Released late last December, the film is a narrative touching topically upon racial divide, but Smith reiterates that the film is primarily for “entertainment,” and he wants his fans to “have fun.” He does acknowledge, however, that he intended to thematically explore the current political climate in his characters, including humans, imaginary orcs and elves, who must cooperate to save an ancient relic.

The interview also provided a casual backdrop to discuss potential music. Starting his career as a rapper, Smith said that he will definitely be experimenting with releasing music on his social media. The star praised Twitter and Instagram for the short-form nature of their audio and video uploads, and has told fans to stay tuned.

Later in the interview, Smith was asked whether he would run for president of the United States, in light of rumours that fellow entertainer Oprah Winfrey would run for office. Smith answered resolutely, “No.” He said that he prefers his acting career.

He gave the same answer to the question of whether the popular Fresh Prince television series would be revived. He rationalised that the series would be best left in the 1990s afters its successful six year run.

On fame, which skyrocketed after his role on Fresh Prince, the movie star commented that he felt “safe” when people recognise him. Contrary to other celebrities’ disdain at the invasiveness of fame, Smith said that his fans recognising him felt like he was surrounded by friends.

Watch the trailer for Smith’s new film Bright!

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Written by Uyen