Worldwide Casinos That Celebrities Like the Most

Celebrities carry the burden of people recognizing them wherever they go. Their behavior is a subject of deep analysis, but they have the right to having fun. Celebrities are no different than “ordinary” people. Actors, directors, and other famous people love gambling. Check out the list of the top gaming facilities where you could encounter celebrities!

Online Casinos

If legal online casino real money gambling is available in your location, you might be playing against celebrities. The internet platforms allow a certain level of anonymity, and famous persons appreciate that. It’s why you might be unaware they are sitting at the opposite side of the table.

Here are some famous actors that love visiting online casinos:

  • Ray Romano. The comedian doesn’t hide that he plays at PokerStars and similar platforms. Romano enjoys Texas Hold’em poker and usually visits private rooms for high rollers. He’s not shy and often deposits large sums of money.
  • Charlie Sheen. It’s one of the most famous “sinners” among actors. The star of the Two and a Half Men comedy show loves to wager on sports. However, he appreciates some poker, roulette, and other games occasionally.
  • Akshay Kumar. He is a huge Bollywood star but also famous in Canada. Kumar’s favorite game is craps. He likes to roll dice trying to win in online casinos.

Although some celebrities migrated online, others still prefer good old-fashioned gambling facilities. You can find the casinos where to look for them below!

Hard Rock Casino

True gamblers know that Las Vegas is a guarantee of endless fun at gaming tables. Hard Rock Casino is a popular destination among celebrities. You’ll see many famous people there and games at poker and blackjack tables often involve high sums of money.

Although celebrities love Hard Rock, a particular famous person isn’t welcome here. Ben Affleck is a star who won’t walk on the premises because the facility banned him. 

The actor offered an explanation where he claims the casino was unfair to him. Affleck believes they banned him because he became too good at blackjack. The star revealed the staff only treated him well until they realized he’s a skilled player.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is another hotel-casino resort you’ll find on the Las Vegas strip. Many celebrities stop by to enjoy slots and roulette. You’ll find even more famous people renting suites, organizing birthday parties, and performing here.

It’s not a secret that Barack Obama loves this hotel. He picked it for an overnight stay on multiple occasions when he was running for POTUS. Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez renewed their wedding vows here. Nicky Hilton and Khloe Kardashian celebrated their birthdays at Caesars Palace. If you’d like to encounter celebrities, visiting this facility is worth your while

Route 66 Casino

This casino in New Mexico became world-famous for Bruce Willis. The star of the Die Hard franchise was a boxer before his acting career. This facility was lucky for him since he won $25K in a single match here. Since Willis has positive memories of this casino, you never know when you could encounter him here. The actor doesn’t hide that he likes gambling. Some reports indicate he used to wager (and profit) more than $500K per night!


Wynn is a Los Angeles casino that’s attractive because many stars reside in this city. It’s close to Beverly Hills, where you’ll find some of the most expensive celebrity homes of all time. Wynn offers a wide selection of tempting games, such as roulette, slots, etc. You’ll often see celebrities on the gambling floor. Unfortunately, some don’t stick to good behavior.

The latest example is Lil Wayne. The rapper allowed himself to receive a ban from Wynn. The facility or the singer didn’t issue an explanation. However, everyone assumes that Wayne caused problems after getting drunk. The celebrity even received a probation sentence in Arizona. If he visits this state, he can’t have a single alcoholic drink!

Palms Casino Resort

Jessica Simpson loves this resort so much that she purchased a suite there! It seems that Palms Casino is popular among singers because Britney Spears also loves it. She organized a party in the villa on the premises. Usher calls this facility his “other home” since he spends a lot of time here. 

More than a decade ago, even Michael Phelps visited this facility. He even groped a dancer in 2008, which disrupted his image after the Olympics. That didn’t stop Phelps from returning here. They saw him on New Year’s Eve months after the incident.

Final Thoughts

This article only contains a few of the gambling facilities frequented by celebrities. You can also see them in other casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even throughout Europe and Asia. More celebrities migrate to online gambling sites. They are accessible from anywhere, which suits those famous persons often on the move. They can also relax and play without being stopped for photos and questions by fans!

Written by Monella