Zedd releases “The Middle” in collaboration with Maren Morris and Grey

One does not often see a country artist taking on an electronic dance track. But what would the consequences be if one does attempt to crossover? “The Middle” is your answer.

For his new project, Zedd brought Maren Morris on board and the resulting single turned out to be one of its kind. “The Middle” talks about a frustrated lover who wishes to overcome the “mess” created by her and her lover. It talks about the “moment” when a relationship can take a completely unpredictable turn and the reason why the lover wants to meet “in the middle”, forming a fine line between her past bliss and the present state of despair.

Sonically, the sound and beats are quite similar to “Stay”. But thematically and in terms of narrative, the song is quite fresh. Morris’ voice does complete justice to the track and we would love to see her exploring more genres in her future releases.

The production credits go to Grey, a long time collaborator and a friend of Zedd. The duo has given us some major hits including Starving. Talking about the single as well as the collaboration, Zedd said,

“We worked really hard on this record to get it just right and it feels great to be able to finally share it with everyone. It was super fun working with Maren because she is clearly an amazing singer and very talented musician. And, I always love working with Grey because we push ourselves to make the best music possible and the end result is incredible.”

Grey and Morris too shared their thoughts on the single and said,

“I met Zedd in Nashville several weeks ago when he came to town to record my vocal for “The Middle”. My fans know that my sounds are reflective of my many influences as a songwriter and artist and I think they’ll be ecstatic to hear this collaboration with him and Grey!” – Maren Morris

“Some songs come really quickly and naturally, but for a while there it seemed like this song didn’t want to come out. We ran into obstacle after obstacle, but we kept fighting for it because we knew this song was special. This is also our first time working with a country singer, and the different styles ended up fitting perfectly! SO glad that we can finally share this one with you, so enjoy!” – Grey

“The Middle” was released on 23rd January 2018. The song definitely made its way to our playlist but what about you? Share your thoughts about the track via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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