Zr. King Releases Their Single, “Welcome to Bearizona”

New York City-based rock band, Zr. King, has released their high-adrenaline furry-but-dangerous, single, aptly titled “Welcome to Bearizona.”

“Welcome to Bearizona” was released ahead of their upcoming sophomore album, “Musically and Morally Bankrupt,” out May 17.

In an interview with PureGain Audio, the band described their single.
“‘Welcome To Bearizona’ starts with a riff that is relentless and unremitting, like the sailing stones of Death Valley. The song’s protagonist is time itself, the great equalizer of humankind and all-around-badass. To us, it’s the soundtrack to speeding through the Arizona desert in an El Camino with working air conditioning, after several pots of coffee. What better way to kick off a record than with a rocket-fueled riff that takes a left turn off a cliff?”

This new track marks a long-awaited return since their latest release in 2014.

Zr. King (Zombie Robot King) is comprised of Griffin Lotti-vocals & guitar, Brandon Lotti – bass & vocals, Matt Thompson- guitar & vocals, Medley Shabazz – drums and vocals.

King has left a big impression on the local scene, receiving support on BBox Radio, Radio Free Brooklyn, and playing at acclaimed venues in the Northeast. They will be celebrating the release on May 16, at Arlene’s Grocery.

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Written by Brittany Sims

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