3 of Our Favorite Brittana Performances

Glee was a show about coming into your own, a passion for music, and overcoming not only personal, but general stereotypes; it was empowering for a group of young people.  One of the things that made the show so easy to relate to was the multitude of relationships that were showcased, and how you could find yourself in at least one of the characters.

Santana and Brittany were easy to love on their own, but together, they were a force to be reckoned with.  While at first, Santana was fighting a personal battle with her attraction to Brittany, it was obvious that the two always had something brewing under the surface.  They let their performances in and out of the show choir room do the talking for them when they were unable to themselves, and we had an incredible time looking back at all their duets.  Here are 3 Brittana songs that are sure to pull on your heartstrings!

3. Landslide

In one of the more raw and honest moments of Santana on Glee, she realizes that she’s in love with Brittany and performs Landslide with emotion pouring out of not only her voice, but her eyes as her eyes tell a story specifically for her through the entire tune.  Santana was scared of being in a same sex relationship but finally came to terms with her fear, and realized her love for Brittany was more important.  While they didn’t immediately jump into a relationship because Brittany was dating someone else – the pair eventually got it right.  Brittana being endgame was something some fans didn’t expect, but it always somehow made sense.

2. Mine

This song may have been on the breakup episode – but the dedication to Brittany was far from something that signified the end between the two of them.  While the two were going in different directions, their paths brought them back together at the end and this song was foreshadowing of that.  There was always a connection between Brittana – even before they were able to admit their feelings to one another – and that connection will go down in Glee history as one of the most important.  We could listen to Santana sing this song all day; especially with how intimately she sings it to Brittany.

1. Hand In My Pocket


This one goes without explaining – it was the proposal tune!  The song fits the pair’s fun, upbeat relationship and Brittany totally wasn’t expecting it at all.  Santana was never really too emotionally descriptive on her own – always using songs to speak what was on her heart.  This time, she let the song show how happy, ironic, and somehow perfect her love with Brittany was before dropping to her knee and asking Brittany to be hers forever.  We can’t get enough!

There were obviously a number of wonderful times the pair performed together – both before and during their relationship.  We truly have gone on all day – but we thought these three definitely topped the rest.  Did we include your favorite performance?  Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Ashley

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