5 Seconds of Summer Drop “Meet You There Tour Live”

Want to relive 5 Seconds of Summer’s Meet You There tour date that made your year? We have good news for you. The band just dropped Meet You There Tour Live, and our hearts are racing with excitement all over again.

Following the release of their sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good in 2015 and an extensive worldwide tour in support of the album, the band went on a two-year hiatus, giving them time to recover, recharge and write. Little did we know that a new, fresh sound was brewing, ready to draw listeners in once again.

2018 was a massive, defining year for the band. The band returned in February with “Want You Back”, the first single for their third album, Youngblood – and a sneak peek at a new era of 5 Seconds of Summer. It was still the 5 Seconds of Summer we knew and loved, but with a poppy yet sophisticated edge. Let’s not forget about how aesthetically pleasing this era is either. Their visuals, from their tour posters down to the cover art were clean, bold, and new.

5 Seconds of Summer then went on to play intimate shows in cities worldwide, delivering older fan favourites as well as our first listen to songs that would appear on Youngblood. The album ended up beating out Beyonce and Jay-Z’s album, Everything is Love for the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200, making it their third number one album.

The Meet You There tour ran from the beginning of August to mid-November, bringing fans the live concert experience worldwide with over 50 shows played. Meet You There Tour Live perfectly captures the anticipation building during their intro. It gets your heart pumping during songs like “Babylon” and dancing around your room to “She’s Kinda Hot”. It’ll warm your heart with “Waste The Night” and then break it all over again in a heartfelt performance of “Ghost of You”. After listening to Meet You There Live seamlessly from beginning to end as the last notes end, you’ll have that surreal feeling of “Wow. That just happened,” that you’d feel leaving the venue.

Whether you want to relive your concert experience or didn’t get a chance to catch them on tour, you can listen to Meet You There Tour Live here!

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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