5 Seconds of Summer’s New Single

After a long excruciating couple of days, 5 Seconds of Summer finally released their album artwork for their new single “She’s Kinda Hot”. They boys have announced that the lyric video and song itself will be up Friday!

The boys announced their latest single through a two hour live stream of a professional spray painter taking his good ol’ time painting the logo on a brick wall in what looks to be a studio somewhere in Los Angeles, California.

Fans were on the edges of their seats, madly tweeting, bringing the hashtag #5ONTHEWALL to trend number one world wide.

The live stream ended with a short video clip of the boys outside of the studio running around, struggling to get multiple forklifts and what not to cooperate with them, announcing their long awaited announcement.

Also coming out Friday, July 17th, is 5 Seconds of Summer’s opening act for their headlining tour Hey Violet’s EP “I Can Feel It”. Make sure to check everything out on Friday!


Check out the artwork below!

Written by CelebMix