New Abbey Dawn Designs By Avril Lavigne Have Been Released

This month started with the announcement that Avril Lavigne would be releasing new designs for her fashion brand, Abbey Dawn. The new designs feature more skulls and cupcakes.

They can be found on an assortment of clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, caps, loungewear (including a new onesie), and tank tops. The new collection has been released for Spring; hence why the colours are quite bright and are perfect for this season.

There are so many new and different designs that we so want to buy them all. Our favourites include the baseball tee which has a skull print on the front with cupcakes as eyes and a tongue dangling out of its mouth. Then there’s the safety pin design which is a total throwback to Avril Lavigne’s initial Abbey Dawn designs.

Then there are the ringer tees with “Abbey Dawn eyes”. The design has three boxes, the blue top one is an image of Avril Lavigne’s eyes, the pink middle box includes a skull design displaying its eye sockets, and the bottom yellow box contains the mouth of the skull. It’s an intricate concept, and one we want to wear this spring.

The vampire designs remind us of the iconic Rolling Stones logo, only these pair of lips are bright red with fangs for teeth. The vampire design is displayed on a t-shirt as well as a lounge top and lounge pants.

There is also a new onesie titled “Love Ya To Death Footed Onesie”. This is exactly as the title suggests, the onesie will keep your feet warm as well as the rest of your body. On the front, it has an Abbey Dawn banner logo; whilst there is an “Abbey Dawn Love Ya To Death banners with a skeleton hand heart on the back”, according to the description, although there are no pictures confirming this.

There are a lot of other designs including a skull cupcake, an ice cream skull design, and a skeleton chest image that also includes cupcakes. To promote these new designs, Avril Lavigne posted an image on Instagram of her wearing the double skull hoodie, which comes in black and red. Apparently, there is a double skull design on the back of the hoodie; however, no images of the back have been released, yet.

The new range comes just one month after Avril Lavigne announced that she had signed with BMG for her sixth studio album, which she confirmed – at the start of this year – will be out in 2017.

There are also stickers and a beanie hat amongst the new collection. We are obsessed with these new designs, and we’re not the only ones. Many fans will be buying these new Abbey Dawn clothing pieces, so make sure you get them too, while you still can. They are available from the website.

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(Featured photos come from the Abbey Dawn webstore)

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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