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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alexander 23 Talks New Music

After releasing his first string of singles this year, Alexander 23 has already made some major accomplishments in his career! From opening up for Alec Benjamin on his sold out tour, to having his single “Another Summer Night Without You” featured in the 13 Reasons Why (season 3) soundtrack, he is definitely a new artist that we are excited to follow.

The number 23 holds much significance to this up and coming indie-pop musician. Born and raised in Chicago, Alexander always had a love for music growing up, but began his songwriting journey at the age of 23, which happens to be the day that he was born, as well as his favorite Chicago Bulls player’s jersey number.

Once you hear his songs, you immediately begin to appreciate how much emotion and thought Alexander 23 puts into his genre-mixing craft. We were lucky enough to chat with him about his music style, life on the road, and his upcoming music.

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CM: Hi Alexander! We know you have been busy on the road, so thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

CM: One thing that we love about you is that you do everything on your own. From writing lyrics to producing music — it’s all you! What is the writing process like for you?

A: Damn, thank you. The writing process definitely varies, but I think the common thread is that I seldom force it. I have written for sports for years, and I definitely credit that to shaping my songwriting style, identity, and skillset, but nowadays I really only write when I have a burning desire to write about something.

CM: What do you do when you hit a block in your writing?

A: If it starts feeling unnatural and forced I try to take a break, call my grandma or take a walk or something.

CM: You have a very unique sound to your instrumentals and vocals. How would you describe your music to people who have never been introduced to you or your genre before?

A: Man, you’re making me blush. I’d describe it as honest. I don’t wanna trick people, I just wanna make them think. Whether that’s lyrically, melodically, or with production. With music being as genre fluid as it is today, I want people to fall in love with my honesty rather than a specific sound choice or vocal trick.

CM: Well, we’d say you definitely have that effect on us! So, your last single “High School” reminisces about your first love and going back to a time that was much simpler. Can you tell us more about this track and what it represents to you?

A: I just kinda woke up one day and was like “sh*t, I’m and adult. I gotta find ways to feed myself and bathe myself. No one is gonna hold my hand and tell me how to find everything I want and need.” It’s a scary feeling, but it’s also incredibly liberating in a lot of ways. Success feels sweeter when it feels earned, and failure is easier to cope with when you have no one to blame it on.

CM: The title of your newly released single, “See You Later”, hints that it might be a song about saying goodbye to someone or something. Can you tell us the inspiration behind this track? When did you write it and what meaning does it hold for you today?

A: I started writing “See You Later” in Penn Station in NYC while saying goodbye to someone special. When I got back to LA, the rest of it poured out immediately. Goodbyes are hard, whether it’s for a week, a month, or forever.

CM: What has been your favorite part about touring with Alec Benjamin?

A: It was so amazing meeting everyone after the shows.

CM: What has the feedback from your supporters been like with the releases of your singles?

A: It has been overwhelmingly amazing. It is so incredible to see these songs take on their own meaning in other people’s lives.

CM: We are very excited to hear that you will be touring with Omar Apollo this December. What are you looking forward to the most on this upcoming tour with him?

A: I’m so excited for this tour, I’m such a big fan of Omar. Brooklyn Steel is my favorite venue in NYC so it’ll be a dream come true to play it!

CM: Do you have any musicians that you have dreamt of doing a collaboration with?

A: Bad Bunny.

CM: Great choice! Can we expect for you to headline your own tour or release an album in 2020?

A: 2020 is gonna be crazy, that’s all I’ll say.

CM: You recently announced that your first EP I’m Sorry I Love You will be out on 10/25. Will this EP be similar or different from your singles and how?

A: I think both. Sonically there is some stuff on there that you haven’t heard from me so far, but it isn’t like this grand departure.

CM: Lastly, what is the feeling you hope your listeners will get when they hear I’m Sorry I Love You?

A: I hope it hits them hard, and really makes them think about the important stuff: love, mortality, relationships, technology, but that they emerge from that feeling hopeful.

CM: Thank you so much for chatting with us Alexander! We enjoy your outlook on all that you do and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!


Check out “See You Later” here:

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Written by Sydney Rae