American Horror Story Theme Revealed?

The creators of “American Horror Story ” have been keeping sixth season’s theme under lock and key. However, earlier this week, the review site Rotten Tomatoes may have just spilled the beans on what the theme is going to be.

American Horror Story: The Mist “ is a subtitle which has stirred up some rumors among fans. That’s how Rotten Tomatoes listed the sixth season, but removed the title from the show’s page a few hours later. Fans started speculating even more when a Reddit user pointed out that the recent TV Guide also lists the upcoming season as “American Horror Story: The Mist “.

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Over the past couple months, FX has been releasing a series of teaser trailers for the next season of the show. Previous teaser videos include creepy children, spiders and creatures that you definitely wouldn’t want to see at night…or at any other time of the day.

FX CEO John Landgraf explained that most of the teasers are misdirects. Not all of the teasers point to what the mystery (or not so mystery anymore?) theme and setting for the sixth season of the horror anthology show will actually be.

Grab your popcorn because American Horror Story season 6 premieres September 14.

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