America’s favourite actor as found by the Harris poll

Who comes to your mind when someone says, “Who is your favourite actor?” We can guarantee that a few names will immediately materialise. But have you ever wondered what an entire nation’s answer to this question would be? Well think no more as the Harris poll has officially released results of America’s favourite actor! Who is it might you ask? Drum roll please… Tom Hanks!

The celebrated actor, who recently starred in The Bridge of Spies, has been revealed to be America’s number one actor. He has previously been bestowed with this honour in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2013, clearly he is very much adored, understandably too.Hanks continues to steal hearts as he advances even further in his already fantastic career consisting of sensational movies such Forest Gump, Captain Philips and Saving Private Ryan. Could his extreme popularity win him the Oscar that he is nominated for?

Right below Hanks was the phenomenal Johnny Depp who in his latest movie, played the real life mobster, Whitey Bulger. The incredible portrayal is probably a major reason for this honour.  And at third place was last year’s champion, Denzel Washington.

The harris poll also showed that America’s favourite actresses were Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts.

Here’s the full list of the ranking:

1. Tom Hanks

2. Johnny Depp

3. Denzel Washington

4. John Wayne

5. Harrison Ford

6. Sandra Bullock

7. Jennifer Lawrence

8. Clint Eastwood

9. Brad Pitt / Julia RobertsHa

Written by CelebMix