Over Atlantic Release First Cover on YouTube

Over Atlantic are an upcoming band consisting of five guys who go by the names of Charlie Jones, Sean Killeen, Gabriel Gomer, Liam Ross and Trevor Cash. Over Atlantic have recently been over in LA to record music – possibly an upcoming album, or maybe just to do a few covers here and there.

Speaking of covers, Over Atlantic released their first cover today on YouTube of Shawn Mendes’ new single ‘Treat You Better’. Is it acceptable to say we prefer their cover to the original? We think so.

Charlie opens up the song with such amazing vocals and the rest of the guys follow with just as equally incredible voices. All five guys have such unique voices throughout the cover and each showcase their talents instrumentally. Charlie, Sean, Gabriel, Liam and Trevor have such a great connection throughout the video which is so important while being in a band and their voices fit so perfectly. It was clearly meant to be! They have such a chilled out vibe to the band and they all look so passionate about what they’re doing. The video itself is well produced as the angles switch now and again, making the video much more presentable and professional. Good job guys!

The cover itself will have you bopping your head and learning the lyrics on the first play, it will also definitely make you appreciate the band more than ever as the whole cover is just absolutely flawless! Seriously, look at these guys together, listen to their voices and you’ll be questioning why they didn’t come together sooner because people NEED to get in on this band!

Over Atlantic are 100% a band to keep an eye on. They look great together, they sound great together and they are so dedicated to giving music out to all their fans and making it as best as can be! Make sure to check out their cover to ‘Treat You Better’ By Shawn Mendes here:

Like the cover? Make sure you let them know at @Over_Atlantic and also let us know what you think over at @CelebMix, we’d love to hear your opinions!


Written by ShelbyAmess

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