Bad Lip Reading takes on ‘High School Musical’

If you’ve never seen a video from the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading, you need to open a new tab right now and do that before reading any further. Trust us on this. We don’t mind waiting.

Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube Channel run by a music production professional. The channel has over 5,000,000 subscribers and more than 600,000,000 views, yet the creator behind it has never revealed himself. He takes clips from movies, television shows, music videos, presidential debates, and basically anything else you can see on TV, mutes them, and then overdubs them with his own interpretation of what the people are saying. He studies the movements of their mouths so closely and matches up his lines so perfectly that if you didn’t know it was a spoof, you’d be convinced that his words were what was actually being said. He’s done The Hunger Games, Stars Wars, NFL football games, President Obama’s inauguration speech, and more. But this week, he completely changed the lives of 90s kids across the world.

Bad Lip Reading teamed up with Disney XD to create a 20 minute video using the best Disney Channel Original movie of all time. It’s a short film that takes some of the original movies most iconic scenes and creates a new movie all together. The story line is riveting, the climax is dramatic, and the conclusion will leave you stunned.

The story follows Chorky and Lumpkinella, two teenagers who meet while singing karaoke on winter vacation. It’s love at first sight, but what they think is just a quick fling turns into much more when they discover they go to the same school. They get to know each other, and and seems like everything is going great, until Chorky discovers Lumpkinella’s secret. She’s actually a robot.

But Chorky promises not to tell anyone, and Lumpkinella trusts him. The two start to spend all their free time with together, but then, Chorky’s friends start to get suspicious of their developing relationship. They keep questioning him about her until one day, he gives in and lets the secret slip. When Lumpkinella finds out that Chorky broke her trust, she’s humiliated.

Want to know how the story ends? Then make sure you watch the full video below. Will Lumpkinella forgive Chorky?  Will she ever be able to trust him again? We know you’re curious.

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Written by CelebMix