Brandon Stansell Drops New Single & Lyric Video “Top Shelf”

We have a brand new single release from country artist Brandon Stansell, titled “Top Shelf”, and we are loving the rock vibes that inject themselves into this track. The song is still, very much, country-pop but those additional rock sounds give it this edge while he navigates down a slightly new path in his music as he gears up to release his sophomore album. This single follows up his previous releases “Hometown” and “For You“, and also marks his first release of 2019.

Brandon Stansell has been building his career in country music and he’s been gaining fans from the minute he released his Kickstarter campaign, to the release of his debut album “Slow Down“, and to his latest singles including “For You” which starred Eureka O’Hara in the music video and “Hometown“ which was a fan favourite from his latest album and he recently dropped a personal but inspiring LGBTQ+ music video alongside a three-track single release, as well as a fan-inclusive lyric video for the song. Now he’s continuing on his new era for his second studio album and we cannot wait, especially since the new song “Top Shelf” sees him veering away from the pure country and instead, adding a bit of country-rock into his typical style.

The song has been written by Brandon Stansell and MYLEN, whilst the latter also served as the producer of the track. The awesome lyric video has been designed by Jack Litchfield with Nock Nock Creative producing the visual. Lyrically, the song is a metaphorical love song, liking a good relationship to a bottle of alcohol which would be on the top shelf – or as we say in the UK, the most expensive bottle.

Watch Brandon Stansell’s Lyric Video To His New Single “Top Shelf” Here:

As mentioned throughout this article, we are loving the country-rock vibe that’s flowing through this track. Brandon Stansell’s vocals suit this style to a tee. It’s great to hear him return to a more uplifting track and the rhythm is beyond catchy that is certainly going to become a favourite amongst his fans. In the chorus, he shows off his great falsetto whilst also displaying some grit and dirt to match the sense of the track and it really works. We cannot wait to see what else he releases as anticipation for his sophomore album rises.

As for the lyric video, we consider it extremely creative since the song is about a bottle that belongs on the top-shelf and so we see three bottles and the labels get changed in line with the lyrics. Some brands are clearly obvious from the labels used although we wouldn’t consider all of those brands top-shelf. Creative, fun, and unique, it’s certainly a lyric video we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

“Top Shelf” is available to download and stream right now. We believe his second studio album is on its way.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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