Bring Me The Horizon’s “That’s The Spirit”

Originally post-hardcore now mainstream band, “Bring Me the Horizon” released their new album, “That’s the Spirit” today.

A shift happened in the albums rhythm stating they were following the style of Indie and Alternative bands such as Panic! at the Disco and Muse instead of their previous metal core idols.

While this album is now getting very good reviews and made it to the top trending section on Twitter, people were skeptical at first. When the first single, “Drown” was released it left many people confused with the shift in the band.

As it seems the confusion and hesitation are wearing off as people listen to the rhythmic transitions in the songs about sadness, but how it will be alright.

This is the bands fifth album and has yet to disappoint, now that’s the spirit.

Click here to watch the first single release of the album, “Drown”



Written by CelebMix