Brockhampton Alight BBC Radio 1 Stage At Reading Festival

Brockhampton aren’t the typical pick for a festival like Reading, which became well known for it’s alternative and rock line up. But with the ever changing music scene comes room for artists that are dipping their toes into a multitude of genres, which is exactly where these boys lay.

Their discography varies from hard hitting hip-hop, slow emotional ballads (usually from singer Bearface) and upbeat anthems, allowing the members to be diverse and explore a variety of sounds while ensuring that there is a song that caters to everyone’s taste, making them perfect for the lineup.

After fans camped out for hours to see the self proclaimed ‘world’s greatest boyband’ and gathering one of the busiest crowds of the entire weekend, Brockhampton took to the stage for their hour long set and completely shut down the Radio 1 stage while doing so.

The hype and hysteria caused during their performance can only be compared to A-list musicians whom have been on the scene for years, however Brockhampton have achieved this in such a short amount of time. Their setlist reached each area of their discography, from the Saturation trilogy that elevated their careers, to their latest single 1997 Diana.

The members of the ‘internet’s first boyband‘ don’t have a set look on stage, but that’s part of the attraction. Each individual sets out to do their own thing; Joba sends the crowd wild with his own whacky dance moves, Matt reacts to audience members and hypes up individuals as he goes about, but yet together it fits perfectly and reflects the overall image of the band.

The group are rough around the edges and are redefining what a ‘boyband’ truly is; not every song of theirs is about love and wanting to find the ‘one’ and they discuss a variety of serious issues ranging from violence and abuse to addiction. But the people love it.

With the audience size, set length and sheer hype surrounding the boys,you would not have thought of this as their debut performance at Reading Festival. However this continues to prove that Brockhampton are not to be underestimated and are easily one of the acts to keep an eye on in the future.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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