Bronnie ‘Geeks & Freaks’ tour success

After months and months of waiting in suspense for what the Geeks and Freaks tour had in store for the fans, Bronnie kicked it off with a bang in Amsterdam on January 5th.

We talked to Bronnie just before the last date of tour, who claimed that “there have been so many highlights” of this tour. “Playing to an awesome crowd in Amsterdam, seeing guys at the show moshing out and hearing the crowd singing back the lyrics was pretty special. I remember sitting in the dressing room afterwards thinking ‘people from the Netherlands are singing my lyrics and going wild’. I’ll never forget that show”.

Five days after Amsterdam, Bronnie released her very successful new single titled ‘Stay’. Just two days before the UK dates started fans were streaming the song like crazy. You can download it here.

As for support, Bronnie had A Summer High, The Verse, and Offshore to accompany her on this incredible journey.

We also talked to A Summer High, an American pop-rock band. James, guitarist and singer, told us “the Geeks & Freaks tour has been unbelievable! It’s our first time in the UK and we couldn’t have asked for a better response”. Mason, bassist and singer, added: “Yeah, we really appreciate Bronnie adding us to the line-up and giving us this opportunity”. “We had her fly out to the US and tour with us in December and I have to say America loves Bronnie,” they explained. “We’d love to come back to the UK sometime for sure”.

We talked to some fans about their experiences with tour and the feedback has been astonishing. “It was probably the best show I’ve ever been to” one fan mentioned, “it was that good I had to do it again, I loved all the acts”. “For the first time ever I’ve been able to travel from Belgium to London to attend the tour. It was an amazing adventure!” an international fan told us, “I loved meeting Bronnie and her support acts, they were amazing on stage! It is only the start of my adventures in England and I will for sure be back for her next tour! Thanks Bronnie for everything!”

Every fan we spoke to had something fantastic to say about the tour:

“Tour was overall really fun. I really enjoyed every act that was performing. They were all so lovely and I had a really good time seeing my faves”

“It was a very high energy show full of good vibes from four very talented acts”

“It was a really good show as always”

“Bronnie’s Geeks and Freaks tour has been another amazing tour. I went to the Birmingham show and it was incredible. Her and the people who have supported her have put on an amazing show. They were all so lovely and sweet in meet and greet. Proud of them all and it’s always a great pleasure to go and have the best time of my life”

Bronnie doesn’t let the international support go unnoticed. “I think another incredible thing about this tour has been seeing how many people have travelled huge distances across the UK and in many instances from Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany etc to be at the shows.” The pop-punk queen went on to explain that “it’s one of the most humbling experiences an artist can have. I know I’m an incredibly lucky person to enjoy that kind of support and I never take it for granted.”

“I was actually very emotional last Sunday at the second to last show in Birmingham. That city has always been good to me.” Birmingham was almost sold out and the turnout was spectacular. “I always perform 100% at my shows but for various reasons I gave everything I could possibly give and more, and to see hundreds of people belting out the lyrics to all my songs, I find it really hard to explain but it really got to me so it was a very emotional end to the show. I’ll never forget that show.”

We also had a chat to Bronnie’s manager, MRKY MRK. “It’s been an incredible tour and everyone in the US, Europe and the UK have really got behind Bronnie and the other artists. Taking her shows to other countries, bringing in an international act like A Summer High and seeing continental European fans flying in for the shows is probably what I’ll remember most. Bronnie played in 50 cities across the world in 2018 and it really paid off. I’m excited for the next tour already.”

Bronnie revealed that she’s “loved every second of tour and the support has been amazing. We sold out London and Manchester but to be honest I’ve been humbled by the attendances at every show.”

Written by Izzie McLean

An avid music lover.