Congratulations To Bronnie On Becoming Verified On Twitter

The blue tick beside someone’s name on Twitter identifies them as someone of importance. Bronnie has become the latest singer to become verified on Twitter.

Bronnie has released three official singles: Christmas song “Modern Day Christmas”; school hating “High School Sucks“; and Halloween spooky song “Scared Much“. She has been recording songs at Edge Recording Studio.

Recently she has just wrapped up supporting Josh Taylor on his “Hot For Me” Tour. In December, she will be touring with him again, as well as various other acts on the Alstar Xmas Party Tour.

Bronnie isn’t the only verified act on the Alstar Xmas Party Tour; Robyn Regan got her blue tick on 8 March 2016. These tour sisters are totally knocking it out the park.

To celebrate Bronnie becoming verified on Twitter, CelebMix has chosen her top tweets for you to enjoy.

1 “High School Sucks” Official Music Video Tweet

This tweet has had 496 retweets and 1,115 likes and counting! Recorded at Edge Recording Studio, this is a video you need to watch.

2 “Scared Much” Halloween Music Video Tweet

This is her most recent music video, and with 229 retweets and 416 likes and counting, it’s had a great start. Definitely a favourite song amongst her fans (BronDogs).

3 The End Of Josh Taylor’s “Hot For Me” Tour Tweet

This picture is a group photo of Bronnie, Josh Taylor, Over Atlantic, Robyn Regan, and Harri Oakland. These guys were on the “Hot For Me” Tour. This tweet has 142 retweets and 394 likes and counting.

4 Halloween Excitement Tweet

Who doesn’t like a gif? Bronnie got some amazing traction thanks to this dancing pumpkin head. Halloween was on its way. This tweet has 193 retweet and 267 likes as of today, little did we know that in 30 days from this tweet, Bronnie was going to drop a new music video.

5 “Stacy’s Mom/Teenage Dirtbag” Mashup Video Tweet

This is a favourite amongst her BronDogs, and it is amazing when you hear it live. It’s a must-listen, so it’s no wonder that it has 138 retweets and 303 likes at the moment. It’s still a mashup you need to hear, though.

We’re sure there will be more amazing tweets to come, especially now she is verified. With the Alstar Xmas Party Tour ready to kick off in December, Bronnie is ready to give you quite the show.

Congratulations, Bronnie on you blue tick on Twitter. Celebrate Bronnie getting verified with us on Twitter @CelebMix and @BronnieMusic.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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