The Cage, Destiel, and Memory Lane: Supernatural Returns With a Bang

Waiting for a new episode for Supernatural weekly is hard enough, so going over a month without Sam and Dean Winchester? Agonizing.

Luckily, the pain can now subside. Supernatural has returned, and it brought a lot of… everything. We have replayed memories, the return of Lucifer, and Dean and Castiel (sorta) working together. On top of that, we have a huge crisis: Sam stuck in Hell (that’s right, Hell) once again with the devil himself.

Let’s bounce back to the previous episode. If you’re not caught up, spoilers ahead.

Throughout the beginning of the season, Sam was seeing things… Him back in Hell, to be exact. Thinking it was a message from God himself telling him to return to the cage, with Crowley’s help, Sam brought Lucifer to him.

While that’s going on, Dean was with Amara… aka, The Darkness. He missed Sam’s phone call because of her, leading to disaster. After confusing feelings and an unexpected kiss, the angels strike her, leaving her current status unknown.

What disaster did that lead to? It ended up with a teary-eyed Sam stuck in the cage, and Lucifer admitting that it wasn’t God sending the messages; it was him. Since Dean was preoccupied, he had no clue what went down.

At least, not until tonight’s episode, when Crowley gives him a call.

Caution: more spoilers ahead.

Of course Dean wasn’t going to let Sam stay with the devil, so while he figured out a plan, Sam was led around his memories with Lucifer. He got to see three different points in his life; a makeout session when he was a teenager, the moment he sacrificed himself by throwing himself into the pit, and the time he had that “apple pie life” with Amelia.

All of this is to get Sam to say “yes” to Lucifer using him as a vessel to destroy The Darkness.

If you’re curious, The Darkness is alive. Castiel found her, and she was as strong as ever. To give everyone the message, she burned the words “I am coming” into the angel’s chest before sending him off to Hell. Dramatic, right?

Back with Sam, when the younger Winchester refused again, that’s when the episode began to pick up. It’s not surprising that the devil has a temper, and with Sam not listening to him, it’s also not surprising that he decided to beat him up.

Since Dean and Castiel both made their way to Hell, they heard and without a thought, they ran to where Sam’s yelling was coming from. Not the best idea, considering Lucifer pulled them into the cage.

If you’re a fan of fighting and action and suspense, Supernatural delivered. During all of the punches and hits, you’re wondering if Sam will give in. If he’ll actually say “yes”, and let Satan control him. Luckily, before the word could escape his mouth, Rowena and Crowley came to the rescue.

The trio is thought to leave the cage together, but with the last few minutes of the episode, Supernatural threw a curveball.

You know Cas? Yeah, the trenchcoat-wearing angel? Satan found his new vessel, and he’s not afraid to kill. A kiss is almost shared between him and Rowena, before the red-haired witch’s neck is cracked.

Supernatural might’ve let Sam and Dean out of Hell pretty fast, but soon enough, Hell is going to be coming to them. The question is: will the Winchesters be able to save the world again yet again?

So much crazy for a forty-something-minutes episode… Next Wednesday will surely be interesting, and the wait? Definitely agonizing, just like it always is.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.