Is My Chemical Romance Making a Comeback?

As to be expected, My Chemical Romance’s social medias haven’t been very active. Most bands that have parted ways don’t post regularly on their accounts.

However, that all changed on July 20th.

It started off with them switching their icons and headers. A few people were wondering why they were making the change, considering the band’s been broken up since 2013.

That’s when MCR posted a short video on their profile.

After playing a short clip of “Welcome to the Black Parade”, a date showed up: 9/23/16.

For a short moment, there was confusion, but the date’s significance quickly became clear. On 9/23/06, the same date ten years back, a very important video made its debut.

On 9/23/06, the music video for “Welcome to the Black Parade” was uploaded onto YouTube.

What exactly does this mean? No one is really sure. People are speculating what it could possibly be leading up to. Some fans believe that maybe they’ll return with a reunion tour, while others think it’s merely celebrating the anniversary of MCR’s well-known anthem.

As of right now, anything could be in the works. My Chemical Romance hasn’t given an official statement about it. They uploaded the clip, pinned it on both their Facebook and Twitter pages, and made their exit. Hopefully as 9/23/16 comes closer, some sort of news will surface as to what this all means.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at