Comedy-Thriller Scream Queens premiered last night

With a star-studded cast and a plot that promises both comedy and horror, the Scream Queens premier is a must see tonight at 8 on Fox.

The show has been advertised as a mix between Glee and American Horror Story and is set on the fictional campus of Wallace Univeristy. Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, led by Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), is rocked by a series of murders committed by devil-clad killer. (Spoiler Alert: There’s rumored to be one death per episode. However, the shows 2-hour premier guarantees at least one death within the first 10 minutes, and 6 by the end of the episode.)

Scream Queens attempts social commentary through humor but, by some accounts, it misses its mark. Emma Roberts character is an exaggeration of the stereotypical privileged, rich, racist white sorority girl and at some points the show seems more in line with her world view than against it (a lazy black security guard? Really?). However, including a deaf Taylor Swift fan is an inspired criticism of the music industry and the show seems to be a satire of the traditional Greek life system.

Written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan of Glee, the show promises to have a fast moving pace and includes big names such as Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Arianna Grande, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis. Whether you watch Scream Queens for the laughs, the blood or the cast, its sure to be a fan favorite this fall.

Written by CelebMix