Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

CONCERT REVIEW: Jake Miller and Logan Henderson make the Best Show to see for the Spring

Some may say pop is lacking funk and groove, but if you’re having trouble finding that type of music, look to Jake Miller. He’s taking his latest EP, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, on the road and he brought Wait For You Tour to Boston, MA this week.

Former Big Time Rush member, Logan Henderson opened the show, kickstarting his solo pop/R&B career. Henderson has some notoriety to his name since he was in Big Time Rush and their success made them one of the popular boy bands of that era. He performed songs such as single “Bite My Tongue” and his new song “Zodiac.” Most of his songs are smooth and seductive slow jams that really showcase his vocals. He even took an acoustic interlude before closing his set with “End of the World.”

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

After Henderson finished his set, fans were eagerly waiting… yelling Jonas Brother’s “Year 3000” when it played over the speakers during the break between sets. Jake Miller came on not too long after and the fans went mosh pit wild… maybe a calm version of a mosh pit. Miller knows how to put on a show and entertain for sure.

Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

The Wait For You Tour is a celebration of new music, with Miller’s newest EP being released at the end of March. Miller performed his entire new EP which included jams such as “NOBODY ELSE,” a funky 80’s vibe song that has a killer saxophone solo and a new sounding “WHAT IF YOU FELL IN LOVE?” Miller had cool lights behind him as well adding to the 80’s vibe that Miller pulls off in his music extremely well. Miller might have performed all his new songs but he also made time for some classics such as “Rumors,” “First Flight Home,” “Overnight,” “Lion Heart” and “A Million Lives.”

Overall the show was such a great way to start off the summer for college students that just finished classes and for high schoolers looking forward to being done soon for summer. You can catch Henderson and Miller on the road by purchasing tickets here.

Written by Will Heffernan