Conor and Jack Maynard get ‘Friendzoned’

Conor Maynard is the musician with the voice of an angel, whilst his little brother Jack is the YouTube sensation who can rap pretty well. Mix the pair together and you get GOAT. A musical duo of fun. So far they have released ‘Grenade’- a song about having to get with a less attractive friend to help your friend or brother get the beauty, ‘First Car’- all about the joys of getting your first car and today they’ve released Friendzone.

The song is all about that one thing every single one of us have been through- having feelings for a friend but that friend sees you as family or just a really good pal. Next time this happens to you, make sure this is your anthem!

From the get go Friendzone is a bop. It has an essence of swing, a bit of dance and a whole lot of R’n’B running through the song. You may never hear a song about heart break which is so fun and catchy. Conor and Jack write everything themselves for GOAT, and have their close friends in the music business helping them to produce the magic. The lyrics are pretty genius, hilarious but so very relatable. With Conor’s smooth as butter voice and Jack’s cheeky rapping, we can’t get enough of ‘Friendzone’.The music video will be released shortly and will be able to watch from Jack’s main YouTube channel here.

Jack is heading out on tour this autumn, so we are hoping that his social media hints about GOAT and his tour mean that the two brothers will perform GOAT’s singles on stage together for the first time during the 4 date U.K tour. Limited tickets for Jack’s ‘Headlines’ tour are still available.

We are absolutely loving Friendzone, let us know if you are too by tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.