Dancing with the Stars: Halloween Night Recap

On Monday evening, the seven remaining stars and their professional partners put on frightful and delightful Halloween-themed performances. In the beginning of the show, viewers were told that the top scoring couple would be granted immunity, as well as an additional five points tacked onto their score. The other six couples would go head-to-head in the Dance-Off where the winners of the challenge would be receiving an additional three points on their final score. How did you favorite duo make out? Read below to find out which pair topped the leader board.

Terra & Sasha- Cha Cha

As Julianne mentioned, the couple’s Beetlejuice themed Cha Cha really set the tone for the night! The former-pro turned judge told the pair she would like to see more content this far in the competition, but other than that, she was pleased. Bruno believed their performance could have been just a bit sharper, but overall, he thought it was good. Carrie Ann agreed, telling Terra “you just have that spark.” Although it was good, she said it needs to be great as she was not exactly wowed.

Carrie Ann- 8, Julianne- 8, Bruno- 8 = 24/30

Laurie & Val- Viennese Waltz

The late Gene Wilder would have absolutely loved this pair’s rendition of Willy Wonka, we all sure did! Bruno called Laurie and Val’s Viennese Waltz a “magical Halloween treat.” Not only was it tender and nearly brought tears to his eyes, but the flow was insanely beautiful. Carrie Ann thought it was divine and she openly admitted to shedding tears watching Laurie perform. Julianne dreamed back to her childhood days and felt as if she too were transported on Laurie’s journey. The couple received their second perfect score of the season.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 30/30

Marilu & Derek- Argentine Tango

After not giving their best performance last week, Marilu and Derek came back with much ambition, wanting to succeed on Halloween night. Carrie Ann saw the intensity in her Argentine Tango; however, there were a lot of missteps that could not go unrecognized. Julianne called Marilu a “black widow, sexy hot mama,” also commenting on how she has “legs for days.” Julianne wants Marilu to trust herself more and not to second guess each movement. Bruno follows up with what the other two judges said, adding that Marilu needs to not doubt herself and her partner.

Carrie Ann- 7, Julianne- 8, Bruno- 8 = 23/30

Calvin & Lindsay- Quickstep

YAAAAAS. We’ve been waiting all season for these two to finally receive their first perfect score, and tonight it happened! The former Detroit Lions player with the nickname, “Megatron” was titled “Megabones” by Julianne after his stellar Halloween quickstep. She thought he captured the theme with compromising integrity. Bruno thought Calvin and Lindsay’s performance had the perfect balance of content, calling it superb. Carrie Ann agreed, recognizing the fantastic content and overall high quality of their performance.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 30/30

Ryan & Cheryl- Tango

Without a doubt, the gold medalist gave his strongest performance to date. Bruno thought Ryan and Cheryl’s dance was “the way to go.” He advised Ryan to make sure he doesn’t lose his shoulders. Carrie Ann thought he looked a little hunched over and that he lacked elegance and correct posture, but there was a lot of content which executed a solid routine. Julianne told Ryan to keep calling himself “the prince of darkness.” She admitted it was a squatty performance, but believed him and Cheryl’s tango managed to outweigh that.

Carrie Ann- 7, Julianne- 8, Bruno- 8 = 23/30

Jana & Gleb- Jazz

As the competition grows tighter, we still believe Jana is an underdog. But, there is no denying she has an unbelievable amount of potential. (Remember that perfect score a few weeks back?) Carrie Ann thought their performance was refreshing. She enjoyed seeing them incorporate jive techniques into their dance, being their jive wasn’t the duo’s strongest week. Julianne said it was fun and that Jana nailed the frisky character she was portraying. She could visualize her and Gleb’s routine straight from Broadway. Bruno praised the high energy, high sparkle and commented on how “bendy” Jana was. In his eyes, it was a “musical comedy concoction that hit all the right spots.”

Carrie Ann- 9, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 9 = 27/30

James & Jenna- Viennese Waltz

After original partner, Sharna sustained a knee injury during rehearsals last week, James found out he was unable to dance with her this week. Jenna Johnson filled in, whose partner, Jake T. Austin was eliminated first this season. Packed with Sharna’s sensational choreography, James and Jenna performed such a captivating Viennese Waltz that blew everyone out of the water. The routine captured Harley Quinn and The Joker’s abusive relationship so well. Carrie Ann and Bruno thought it was beyond incredible, while Julianne added that this just goes to show James can dance with any partner. After all, she did say that he is the best male dancer the competition has ever had in all 23 seasons.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 30/30

While James and Jenna were the third couple to receive a perfect score, James had the highest cumulative score of the season, which meant James and Jenna were safe from elimination and didn’t have to participate in the Dance-Off.

Laurie and Val got to choose their competitors first. Val’s mindset was “to be the best, you have to choose the best,” so with that being said, they chose Calvin and Lindsay. The two pairs jived their hearts out, but the judges and America chose Laurie and Val as the winners, who added three points to their score.

Jana and Gleb were up next and selected Terra and Sasha as their opponents. Terra chose to challenge fellow celeb, Jana to a salsa. Jana and Gleb’s routine was sexy while Terra and Sasha’s was more on the playful side. The judges and audience felt Jana and Gleb’s chemistry more, as they were declared the winners.

Last up was Marilu and Derek against Ryan and Cheryl going to head-to-head in a cha cha. Ryan and Cheryl left everything they had on that dance floor. Carrie Ann and Julianne even admitted they couldn’t take their eyes off of them. After America’s live votes, the two picked up the three extra points too add onto their score.

Unfortunately, the win wasn’t enough to save the Olympian and his partner. After eight weeks of competition, it was time to say goodbye to Ryan and Cheryl as he received the lowest amount of votes last week. It was certainly a bittersweet ending to his experience on Dancing with the Stars, but Ryan expressed he was grateful for everything the show taught him amid his Rio scandal.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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